Jaguars Keeping It Quiet


As we all know, the Jags are making big changes.  We know that the coaching staff will change, a new philosophy will be established, and players will be shuffled in order to best fit this philosophy.  Unfortunately, we don’t know what we’re going to get from the next head coach.  The entire team will change, yet we hear very little.

I’m willing to trust Shahid Khan to manage the business end of the search in the most professional manner.  He built an empire in the auto industry, so he knows what he’s doing.  He said he’s going to keep the search quiet.  He was right.  Outside of announcing who was being interviewed, the Jaguars have kept their promise and have kept it all very quiet.  Does this mean that the Jaguars are holding out for one of the coordinators that helped lead their team to the playoffs?  While it all comes down to speculation, what can we expect?

As we know, Gene Smith is a well respected GM.  While many fans, and some B&T staff think otherwise, Shahid Khan seems to agree that Gene Smith can get it done.  He has developed a trust-based relationship with Smith and believes he’ll find the best coaching candidate available.

As we know, Smith has stringent requirements on quality men playing for the Jaguars.  Similarly, he expects the best from the coach he is going to hire.  He demands that they have chemistry with himself and the owner, he demands that they be a winner, and he demands that the new coach be community minded.  Will any of the coaches interviewed provide that?  We don’t really know.

But based on the trust bestowed in Gene Smith and the previous success of Khan in pretty much everything he does, I think we’ll be just fine with whomever they choose.

– Luke N. Sims