Time To Clean House: Mr. New Head Coach, Listen Up!


It’s widely noted that the Jaguars are suffering from offensive woes.  2011’s point differential of -86 is a full -26 worse than 2010 and consistent with with -90 posted in 2009.  The Jaguars have not been able to post a positive point differential since 2007 when David Garrard led a very efficient offense to a +107.  I bring this up, not as a point about both sides of the ball, but about our offense.  The Jaguars D turned around from last season to become a well respected unit going forward.  The Offense?  Well that’s a different story.  Start your Spring cleaning early Gene Smith and Co!  Follow the jump to find out why.

Dirk Koetter has failed to make the Jaguars offense a a true threat in the league.  Has he presented some efficient seasons?  Yes.  But it’s about time he left the play calling and scheming to a brighter mind.  Possibly with the exception of Mel Tucker, the new head coach for the Jaguars will probably assume those duties and should rightly get rid of Dirk Koetter.

While all of Koetter’s failures, like getting in the endzone, are not the fault of the staff around him, some fresh infusion of talent and ideas will undoubtedly benefit the Jaguars.  Being ranked 22+ out of thirty two teams on offense for the past four seasons is grounds for firing.  The Jaguars have regressed since Koetter took over.  Even with the top rusher in 2011, the Jaguars failed to score points, averaging less than two touchdowns a game (and that’s counting two games against the hapless Colts and a blowout against the overmatched Bucs).

It’s not even a polite suggestion at this point.  It’s business.  You don’t want to sell an unmarketable product.  If that means you have to get rid of the creators of the product, then do it.  Results matter.  Right now, the results are terrible.

It’s time to move on.

– Luke N. Sims