Giants vs Falcons: What It Means For the Jaguars


The New York Giants dominated the Atlanta Falcons on Sunday 24-2.  The Falcons’ offense was unable to run the ball effectively and couldn’t establish a strong rapport between Matt Ryan and his receivers.  What does this mean for the Jaguars?  Follow the jump to find out more.

The Jaguars have been looking at Mike Mularkey as a potential head coach moving forward in the post Del Rio era.  Despite the Falcons making the playoffs in 2008 and 2010 since hiring Mike Smith (Old Jaguars’ defensive coordinator), they have been unable to put up enough points to outlast opponents.  They lost to the Packers 21-48 in 2010 and 24-30 against the Arizona Cardinals in 2008.  While the offenses under Mularkey in Atlanta have a reputation of being very strong, against the tougher opponents, his offenses have stalled.

Once again, the Atlanta Falcons’ offense stalled against the Giants on Sunday, putting up zero points.  Michael Turner was held to under fifty yards and Matt Ryan threw for under 200.

When looking at the potential head coaches going forward, Mularkey’s record in the playoffs should be taken into account.  Is it just good enough to get to the playoffs?  Can it really be expected that Mularkey can get over the offensive hump and finally put up points (even with the currently sub-par receiver corps the Jags have)?  It’s all up to speculation, but they are important questions to be asked all the same.

– Luke N. Sims