Love it or Hate it: Where do we go from here?

Jason Hill drops a game winning pass. (AP Photo/Ron Schwane)
Jason Hill drops a game winning pass. (AP Photo/Ron Schwane) /

Welp, our beloved Jaguars lost to a team they should have beaten Sunday and lost it in heart breaking fashion. We can question play calling, clock management and drops all we want, but it won’t change the fact that barring some miracle, the Jaguars are out of the playoff hunt. So the question to ask is, “Where do we go from here?”. I’ve got a few suggestions that should make the season easier to bear.

  1. Don’t dwell on losses. Coulda, shoulda, woulda’s should just be forgotten, they don’t change anything. I for one, dwell on bad losses for almost the whole week, avoiding and the rest of the Jaguars related websites. However, Sunday proved differently. I’m not gonna suggest that you feel nothing over losses, but I suggest you do as I did and the Jaguars are supposed to do. You get one day and then you move on. I think a short memory would serve us all well.
  2. Forget the negatives and look for the positives. It’s easy. Look at what the Jaguars are doing well. Here’s a list of things you could be looking for. How is Will Middleton doing as a replacement for Mathis? How is Blaine Gabbert progressing? How is the offensive line doing, especially Will Rackley and Guy Whimper? How is the pass rush doing? Are there any wide receivers that actually get open? You get the point.
  3. Play with the draft. It’s already becoming pretty apparent what the draft order is probably going to be for the 2012 draft. Do what I do and figure out positions of need and cross reference them with big boards of major websites. I recommend, nfldraftscout, CBS Sports and hailredskins (use their mock database to find more websites). Just from the top of my head, I’d start doing research on CB’s, DE’s, WR’s and OT’s.
  4. Evaluate the roster. A subpoint of the last point, take time to evaluate the roster. Look at who’s contract is expiring, watch their play, find out of they are worthy of a roster spot and pay day. Look at injuries, see if you think someone is done for good or is coming back. Example would be Mathis and his blown knee. Is is serious or is it a slight tear? Did we hit the jackpot and is his injury going to destroy his open market price? Another example is Eben Britton. Back problems are very bad news, especially for guys carrying all of that weight. Is Britton done? Do the Jags need to draft a new offensive tackle and hope Britton gets better?
  5.  Just enjoy it. It’s a game people, you’d be best served to remember that. Have fun and enjoy the rest of the season.
  6. Enjoy Turkey Day.