What is Tim Tebow’s Fantasy Value?


In his first start of the year, Tim Tebow shocked the world by leading the Broncos to a nail-biting 18-15 win in overtime last weekend.  Tebow looked extremely erratic when throwing the ball in the first three quarters; but he amazingly looked like John Elway in the fourth.  He only completed 13 passes out of 27 attempts for 161 yards, but he completed the couple passes that really mattered to win the game.  He was composed while inside the pocket, but he was not very accurate with only a 48.1% completion percentage.  Tebow did throw two touchdowns in the win despite having one of the worst receiver cores in the entire NFL.

Tim Tebow may have played the lackluster Dolphins’ defense last week that is allowing 24.3 points per game, but his progress is too hard to ignore.  He still has a very awkward throwing motion, but he has at least momentarily silenced his critics who claimed that he cannot be an everyday quarterback.  Tebow showed that he can do the thing that matters most in fantasy football, touchdowns.  He scored an amazing 145 career touchdowns (88 passing and 57 rushing) at the University of Florida and showed last week that he can easily score at the NFL level.

However, Tebow will only improve with a healthy Knowshon Moreno behind him carrying the ball because having a reliable running back only takes pressure off of the quarterback.  The Broncos’ need a reliable running game to help keep Tebow inside the pocket; otherwise it will leave the first-year starter getting rushed on every down.  A consistent running game will only help him develop as a better quarterback and thus put up better fantasy numbers.

Tebow’s big weekend made him by far the most picked up player in all fantasy sports over the last two weeks and his value could not be higher.  “Tiny Tim Tebow” will be a strong starting option for the rest of the year in fantasy football, especially for owners who can still pick him up.  He will consistently score touchdowns in a Denver offense that lacks personality and head coach John Fox has given him all the freedom in the world to make plays.  He may not be ready to be a weekly fantasy starter, but his ability to score will certainly keep him active in two-quarterback leagues.  Tebow’s value will only go up as he matures as a starter and he is absolutely worth a roster spot.

-By Adam McGill