Game Preview, Week 5: Jaguars vs. Cincinnati Bengals

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Back to the game preview I think The jaguars must use a lot the weapons who are proven in the past. I mean Mracedes Lewis, Mike Thomas…. And Jarrett Dillard. Yeah, since Hill have drop issues, Cecil Shorts right is just another underwear league champion at the WRs, and Chastin West still learning the system, it’s time to use Dillard more. He has a reputation of a pass catcher. He had a 20+ yard catch in the last 2 games (one of that was eliminated via penalty). It’s time to use him more since the other WRs besides Thomas barely helping Gabbert and the passing game. I also want to see Marcedes Lewis more involved. Reggie nelson is playing well, but I still think Marcedes (or Mike Thomas for that matter)is a much better player. Let’s use this (maybe only) big advantage int he passing game.

The other way to help out the offense would be a special teams touchdown or at least a big return, but so far neither Karim or Cecil Shorts capable for doing that. Mayvbe Mike Thomas should return at least 1-2 punts per game. By the way „good” to see Karim not doing well even in the kick returns. So exactly why he was drafted in the 6th round (the same question goes to the Scotty McGee draft as well.)? Sadly I think the honeymoon is over for Gene Smith. I notices several very bad (draft) decisions which is starting to hurt the Jaguars really big. The other way would be a defensive touchdown, but I think our defense already forgot, that is allowed. Jaguars are „celebrating” a very sad anniversary this week. 3 years ago was the last time the Jaguars scored a defensive touchdown. It means they have a negative streak for 48 games and counting. The only bigger question is, why I’m the one only cares about this horrible statistic? This is pathetic and outrageous, yet nobody noticing it…

Now it’s prediction time. I’m not like the Jaguars chances, but this is a must win or else type of game. If they failed to do that, it can be the start of a complete and gigantic collapse. No matter how good is the defense, until they can’t score, the only thing they creating to make games close. But scoring 9.75 points a game will be not enough for anything. The Jaguars offense is dead last and will face the 3 best defenses in a row in the next 3 games. The wide receivers are once again the weakest group in the entire NFL. The starting QB is a rookie who showed some flashes, but plays the least well from those who were drafted in ’11, and already starting in there positions. I like a Gabbert a lot, but so far he had 2 good looking drive on 2 entire games, which will be not enough to say the least. If the Jaguars lose this game, the fan base (who already starting to turn away from the team -again- just see how ticket sales going…-  will not going to support the ’11 Jaguars, and they have 2 prime time games coming up. If they can’t start to win now, the national media and the average observe a lot of empty seats. And with that, the whole Jaguars agenda -Jacksonville is an NFL market- will be in major jeopardy. That’s why they need to find the way to win this game. Because if the team lose this game, things will turn very ugly, very quickly…

Prediction: Jaguars 20 – Bengals 17

– Zoltan Paksa