Love it or Hate it – Should the Jaguars Start Gabbert or McCown?


The Jaguars are at a crossroad. Do they stick to their guns and allow Blaine Gabbert more time to assimilate the play book and hope that Luke McCowns bad game was just that, a bad game . . . or do they start the rookie and hope that Gabbert has learned enough to not get flustered and may actually win them games.

I say start McCown, but only for this week at the moment. McCown has had one good game, but not great and one awful game. Two games is too small of a sample to come to any conclusion. Additionally, playing the Jets defense, with Cromartie and Revis and those blitz schemes, is a tall order for any QB, just ask any of the Quarterbacks that have faced them in the last few years, because the Jets sure as heck didn’t get to the AFC Championship because of Mark Sanchez.

McCown has one game to prove himself. If he tanks again, against a non-Jets team, then the coaches will have their answer. It’ll be time to start Gabbert and just be on with it. However, if McCown has a bounce back game, then keep him as the starter. Why? He has more experience as an NFL player and a stronger grasp on the play book. While Gabbert may have more physical skills, McCown’s veteran advantage is currently more valuable. Either way, if McCown plays just average for the next few weeks, Gabbert starts anyway by sheer virtue of the Jags probably being on the outside looking in at the Playoff Race.

Gabbert starting is not a question of if, but when.

Other Thoughts:

The Jaguars’ defense had a very good game against the Jets. The Jaguars’ offense did them no good by forcing them back onto the field immediately after giving up a safety. The offense had four interception, one ending at the one yard line. The special teams coverage unit didn’t fair that well either, allowing Cromartie to get big returns throughout the game, leaving the defense with a small field to work with. For the Jaguars to still be in the game at the first half is astounding and just think of this. What if McCown hadn’t overthrown Thomas in the Jets endzone and had actually scored a TD? The score would have been 10-12 with the Jags getting the ball in the second half. Oh how much one play can change the game.