Bubble Battles!


So Zoltan put up his final 53. I think it was a well done exercise of his GM skills. I tried to put together my own final-53 and found the last 6-7 spots very difficult to pick out. Here are my thoughts on the bubble battles that are taking place right now.

QB — No battle for a roster spot. All three make it. There could be a case for letting Garrard go due to salary cap concerns and mediocrity so far, but that offensive line has looked atrocious at times and bad at others.

RB — So many runningbacks and so little room. I think its safe to say that MoJo, Jennings and Karim have made the team. Also, I think Owens is an obvious selection too. The offensive line is so porous right now, that its almost necessitated the retention of Greg Jones. This is a battle of the backups here. Brock Bolen, DaJuan Harris Richard Murphy are all in the mix, although I think Bolen holds the keys to the spot though. They don’t carry more than 6 backfield players onto this roster.

Prediction — Bolen gets the last spot.

WR — Another bubble battle here. The top five seem to be obvious, Hill, Dillard, Thomas, Shorts and Osgood. There seems to be a legit concern with the receivers though and GM Gene has made it obvious that he is leaving the possibility open for a 6th receiver. Dontrelle Inman, Armon Binns and Jamar Newsome are fighting for the last spot, but if no one has shown enough, then the spot won’t exist. I think the edge goes to Newsome, as he looked pretty good last night and showed return ability too. Whomever doesn’t make the squad will almost undoubtedly make the practice squad.

Prediction — If they allow for 6, Newsome makes it.

TE — No battle here, but I think that Gallarda has a chance to stick with the practice squad.

OL — The back end is weak here.  The battle seems to be at backup tackle. Whimper has been playing with the one’s but I’m really unsure of his status, but I think he has to make it. I think the battle here is with Baldridge and Moll and whether or not the team take eight or nine o-linemen into the season. I am leaning toward neither making it. Also, I think Estes is a bubble player, but I’ve only heard hype on him, so I would think that they’d have to keep Estes on the active roster in order to keep him.

Prediction — No to Baldridge and Moll. Estes makes it.

DL — Guys fighting for a spot, C.J. Mosley, Aaron Morgan, Ray Odrick, Larry Hart, Andrew Lewis, Nate Collins and even Leger Douzable. I include everyone because I think the team looks at these players and try to figure out what they offer. Mincey was given looks at DT and DE, so the team could go DE heavy. Collins came on late against the Rams are really made a case to make this roster. Douzable was the third DT last year and seems to have had a good camp. I tend to think the Jaguars carry nine or even ten players into the regular season. So there are two to three spots up for grabs.

Prediction — Douzable, Collins and Morgan would be my picks.

LB — The starting three are set. So this battle is reserve roles only. Bosworth and Cutrera both had decent showings this preseason and Allen was at times the starter last year. I think all three make it. However, a friend read somewhere that Scott Lutrus signed the biggest UDFA contract ever (grapevine ftw). Lutrus and Lockley are PS candidates.

Prediction — Bos II, Cutrera and Allen make the team.

DB — The top three safety and corner spots are taken. Greene, Landry and Prosinski at S and Mathis, Cox and Coleman at CB. The surprise of having Rod Isaac cross trained at S helps the backfield depth. I think Wheatley, Rutland, Middleton, Carey and Jones are all fighting for roughly three spots. Middleton offers versatility.

Prediction — Middleton, Carey and Wheatley make the squad. Rutland to PS.