Jaguars Scrimmage: Gabbert Poised, yet still Green


Gene Frenette’s report of the Jaguars’ scrimmage Saturday night depicts Blaine Gabbert as talented, but still very much a work in progress. I know that the Jacksonville faithful was probably hoping to see a stunningly mature superstar-in-the-making and find the morning papers and blogs buzzing with the excitement of an oncoming quarterback controversy. Gabbert looked like a top 10 pick last night, but he also looked very much like a rookie – and this is exactly how it should be.

Blaine Gabbert making strides to fulfill his potential is a beautiful thing, but a quarterback controversy this year is not what we should be rooting for. Since the magnificent and surprising 2007 season, the Jaguars have been in unrest. The franchise bottomed out both on the field and as a business in 2008 and since then, the psyche of the Jaguars fanbase has exposed itself and its not so pretty. But during this time, Wayne Weaver led an in-house revolution of accountability, transparency, and sustainable growth. Gene Smith is building the roster the right way and the Jaguars are showing their fans how much they care and how much they mean to the community. And while the fanbase was stripped down to the core of the truly faithful, we led a revolution of our own. We embrace fellow fans that strive to be rational and educated – and we’re building something great. How does this all lead back to Blaine Gabbert? Well, the Jaguars could very well be on the verge of returning to the playoffs this year and if they do, the window is just now opening because the roster is stocked with young talent, many with impressive ceilings. The Jaguars don’t have to make the playoffs this year, but it would really help restore some faith and get the media back on our side. We need recognition for the momentum we’ve made and that starts with a playoff victory. We’re all excited about Gabbert and once he’s ready, he’s going to have an ideal supporting cast (especially once we get that #1 receiver you’re all dying for), but right now and for the rest of 2011, David Garrard is your man. He deserves your support and Blaine deserves your patience. Buckle up, it’s about to be one helluva ride.

– Andrew Hofheimer