Love it or Hate it – Oklahoma Edition


Yesterday, I was fortunate enough to be at the Jaguars first full pads practice and also was able to see the annual Oklahoma drill. A few observations before I get into the meat of things. The drills were again dominated by 2nd and 3rd stringers, mainly due to the fact that many of the Jaguars’ defensive starters are limited to the side line. Also, I get the feeling that the tryout portion of camp is happening right now and as soon as the UFAs can practice, the tryouts will be relegated to oversight of the position coaches while the coordinators focus on the starters.


  • McGee fumbled the first kickoff.
  • Scobee was practicing directional kicking and was placing them in the corners of the field.
  • Cole Brodie, UDFA CB from South Dakota State, showed good quickness and speed and had a nice return.


  • The team was using the Jugs machine to lob punts the return men, however the “punt” team has blocking pads on, so there really wasn’t an indication of true return abilities.
  • McGee had some early jitters, but when he got the ball, he looked quick and decisive in his returns.

Oklahoma Drill – My personal scoring

Alualu vs. Rackley — Alualu won the first and third rounds against Rackley, showing good drive and quick hands as usual. Rackley angled Alualu out of the way on the second attempt and cleared a path for the running back.

D’A Smith vs. Nwaneri – D’Anthony was beaten all three times, with a fall on the first attempt.

Zach Miller vs. Scott Lutrus – Miller is obviously not the blocking TE on the team. He was beaten twice, being forced back both times by UDFA LB Lutrus. Lutrus stood Miller up and showed good shedding ability.

Estes v. Mosley – Estes was beaten by Mosley. Mosley showed a good base and shedding ability to move Estes out of the way.

Hart v. Baldridge – Baldridge beat Hart handily.

Schiechl v. Haslam – Schiechl showed great ability against Haslam, showing a good push and quickness.

Lane v. Britton  – Lane v. Britton was the highlight of the drill. Lane won the first bout with a good pull to swim move which had Britton blocking air. Britton won the second round showing good push. Lane won the last round in good fashion, shedding Britton and pulling the running back down.

11 v. 11 – First session

  • Prosinski and Shorts were practicing with the first team
  • Garrard under center, handoff to Jennings for a few
  • Garrard to Dillard for 10 yards
  • a delayed handful to Jennings for no game
  • quick slant to Underwood for about 5 yards
  • Garrard ended with a bad throw on a screen pass that fell incomplete
  • Gabbert takes over, Whitehead and Estrada are the safeties
  • Gabbert was under pressure and would have been sacked, he makes a completion to TE Gallarda
  • run by Montell Owens gets nothing
  • Pass to Gallarda for a completion
  • draw to Murphy nets 5 yards
  • shotgun set, BG to Hughes for 10 yards, the pass showed good velocity

Individual Drills

  • Notes
  • Kampman participated in individual drills
  • BG was practicing handoffs alone with the coaches


  • the team was just practicing assignments, a thing to note, Clint Session was excited about the play and was acting like he was the linebacker in pads, pretending to get set and take his first step as the defense responded to the snaps

11 v. 11 – 2-minute drill

  • Garrard threw a high screen, barely pulled in by Deji
  • Garrard threw a short cross to Deji
  • run stuffed at the line
  • Garrard hits Jarrett Dillard on a long throw that was a little behind, causing Dillard to turn completely around to catch it, breaking stride
  • spike
  • Garrard connects to Brock Bolen, but time runs out
  • Blaine Gabbert takes over
  • Bolen runs for 5-10 yards up the center
  • Gabbert hit Newsome for 15-20 yards, it was a strike, great throw
  • Gabbert throws a fade to Binn in the corner of the endzone, another great throw, good touch

7 v. 7 Goal line

  • Garrard throws to Jennings, who tips the ball, but luckily Zach Miller is there to get the tip and turn it into a gain
  • hits M80 for a completion
  • attempts a throw to Montell Owens, but Daryl Smith is there to knock it away
  • Gabbert takes over
  • tries to force a throw into traffic, its almost picked off
  • throws an incomplete
  • hits Zach Miller with a laser across the middle
  • Garrard takes over
  • throws an interception on an overthrow, which is picked off by Wheatley
  • is forced to tuck, which would most likely have ended up as a loss or a throw away, the coverage was good all around
  • has a pass batted away by Wheatley
  • McCown takes over
  • overthrows to Binn
  • hits Shorts in the endzone all alone

11 v. 11

  • Garrard
  • throws to Shorts for a completion, however it probably should have been a sack
  • hits Zach Miller with Prosinski right there, but Miller sheds Prosinski for a nice gain
  • handoff to Deji for 5-10 yards
  • Gabbert
  • overthrows Binn
  • connects on a WR screen for 10-15 yards
  • Gabbert sacked, but play continues with Gabbert running for 10 yards
  • McCown
  • sacked
  • Garrard
  • would have been sacked by Morgan
  • sacked by what looks to be Ray Odrick, with Lane right there
  • tries to make a throw, but Hamlin makes a good defensive play on the ball
  • Gabbert
  • Andrew Lewis would have had a sack, but they play through it and Osgood makes a nice catch on a very good throw
  • Gabbert throws a laser to Osgood, its a WOW type throw
  • Gabbert is “sacked” by Norris, Gabbert runs outside, drops the ball and Schiechl is there to scoop it up

Final Thoughts

  • You want your UDFA’s who make this team? DE Marc Schiechl and LB Scott Lutrus. Schiechl has too much potential to expose to the practice squad and is probably one year of full NFL training away from being a complete player. Lutrus has the size and athleticism to be a good reserve MLB or SLB. Also, someone mentioned to me at the practice that Lutrus received the highest UDFA contract in 8-years, though I have yet to be able to verify that.
  • Austen Lane will start and do well for the Jaguars this year. Last year he looked like a guy that just frequented the weight room, but this year Lane looks sleek. He’s maintained his size, but has trimmed up and looks like an athlete. He showed good burst and tenacity. I expect 6-8 sacks from Lane this year and a much improved defense.
  • Aaron Morgan looks like he put on 20 good pounds and showed good ability out there without losing a step. He’s a guy who can really take a step this year. The defensive rush could benefit greatly from an improved Morgan.
  • Another group of UDFAs that have a chance to make the practice squad or even the 53-man roster are  TE Tommy Galarda and  S Matt Estrada.
  • Scotty McGee is facing an uphill battle to make this team. He will not play corner for the Jaguars and he dropped a few punts. They had McGee off to the side catching punts. While the ball was in the air, the coaches threw balls at him to knock of his concentration. Many of the UDFAs offer return abilities, but they also have better field abilities in general, so McGee better step up.
  • Gabbert really has a great cannon and puts good velocity, also puts good touch on it, however seems to force some throws, definitely has talent though, we’ll learn much more about him during the preseason games, where I expect TONS of game action
  • The Jaguars need to get an indoor facility already, its freaking hot in Jacksonville during the summer, even when overcast.

– Jason Love