What’s Next – Looking to the Future

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Of course, what offseason would be complete without speculation on how the season will go?

  • The dear people over at the Sporting News just picked Jacksonville to go 5-11.  5-11 is horrendous, terrible, preposterous, just about every adjective with a negative connotation (unless you’re the Texans or Raiders and like picking early in the draft).  But how do I think the season will go?  Of course my prediction will probably change over the course of the offseason, but right now, I’m seeing strength after strength after strength in this organization.  Is 10-6 (or whatever the proper ratio of those numbers may be in a shortened season) possible?  I think so.  No, not possible, probable.  If not for just the reasons listed above.  The Jaguars are organizing, practicing, developing new and old talent alike, and they’re going to be playing football the way they want to play it.  Will there be a meltdown at the end of the season?  History says yes.  Will it matter if the Jags are already 10-2, not at all.  I’m calling it now folks, 10-6 is probable.  The Jaguars will dominate the start of the season due to limited playbooks by opposing teams and easier integration of our new players through simplified playcalling.  I’m not reading anything bad at all.  Now, I’m not looking in Zoltan’s crystal ball or anything, but we’ll see.

See you next week Jags Nation.

-Luke N. Sims