2011 NFL Draft, The Second Round: Picks 17-32

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25. Detriot Lions–Mikel LeShoure, RB, Illinois (pictured):

And here is a better RB. LeShoure brings a physicality to the Lions that they desperately lack. He has a pause-step that will remind of the aforementioned Jaguars great, Fred Taylor. Taylor said he paused with a step so that he forced himself to read the defense. I have no idea why LeShour does it, but it seemed to work for him. LeShoure’s best NFL comparison should be LeGarrette Blount of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. They both lack downfield speed and both bring a raw physicality to the game. It can be argued that LeShoure is a little more polished, however Blount was an easy spot last season as a good RB. I’m still confused why he dropped to not being drafted.

26. Baltimore Ravens–Torrey Smith, WR, Maryland:

Baltimore brings in a local product that is known for stretching the defense. Smith was mocked to the Ravens in most drafts for the first round, so according to the average blogger, the Ravens got a steal. Smith should be able to hit the deep routes and free up a receiver to go across the middle and not have extra safeties covering him. I’m talking primarily Anquan Boldin. So, does Joe Flacco pronounce himself great with his performance this year? There’s not too many excuses left.

27. Cleveland Browns–Greg Little, WR, North Carolina:

I think the Browns got a steal. Little brings a well-known physicality to the offense. He can become the number one receiver there, not that its an epic task. On the other side of the discussion, Little could be just another pretty good receiver to add. Maybe his presence makes the whole group better. Regardless, the Browns have opted to do their best job of exploiting QB Colt McCoy while they can. Good job.

28. Houston Texans–Brandon Harris, CB, Miami:

Harris is another one of those 5’9″ guys. Height really worries me at the cornerback position, otherwise he should do fine. He may even compete for the nickel position immediately. The word around the internet is that CB Glover Quinn is moving to FS. This would definitely open up the corner position. I’m warning you, Jags fans. The Texans defense got really good in this draft, maybe not immediately but within the next 3 seasons, they will be a force.

29. San Diego Chargers–Justin Mouton, LB, Michigan:

Everything I have read says that this pick is terrible. The reviews that are favorable are based on wishes and prayers. This is another guy that I am ignorant on, but I can tell you that his average grade was the 4th-5th round. I guess we’ll see what the future holds.

30. Miami Dolphins–Daniel Thomas, RB, Kansas State:

Thomas was my highest graded RB out of the 7 I was able to study. All the popular ones were included. I absolutely praise Miami for this pick, but I do believe it a wise move to bring back incumbant Ronnie Brown. They would make a great tandem. Let’s hope Thomas can pass-protect so this is a good pick..

31. Pittsburgh Steelers–Marcus Gilbert, OT, Florida:

Anytime you see the Steelers add an offensive lineman, just clap. It doesn’t matter if they will be a Pro-Bowler, just clap.

32. Green Bay Packers–Randall Cobb, WR/do-it-all man, Kentucky (pictured above):

Cobb is like Wes Welker, except I think he can be even better. Great addition by Ted Thompson here. Here is our lesson to learn from this: When you have a truly great quarterback, give him everything.

Well, I hope you have enjoyed the first two rounds, feel free to tell me I’m stupid in the comments below.