2011 NFL Draft: The Second Round, Picks 1-16

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9. Washington Redskins–Jarvis Jenkins, DT, Clemson

We all know the Redskins need really any player available. By going the route of defensive lineman, this tells me two things. Number One: The Redskins are getting serious about the draft. The first way to improve a team is with linemen. The first way to not be embarassingly bad, is to add defensive linemen in particular. Number Two: The Redskins might have a good defense next year. Bowers remains on the board.

10. Houston Texans–Brooks Reed, Rush-Backer, Arizona (pictured)

The Texans have officially switched to the 34 defense and not without controversy. Who is going to rush the passer? What is Mario Williams going to do? Is Connor Barwin ready to play? All of these questions were immediately paused when this pick was made. Congratulations Houston, you have a fine edge rusher.

11. MN Vikings–Kyle Rudolph, TE, Notre Dame:

This was one of the most telling picks of the entire draft to me. The Vikings already have a legit TE in Visanthe Shiancoe (no, I didn’t have to google the spelling haha) and while he is soon to be a free agent, he is easily worth whatever contract they would spend for him. So, what do they do? They add the top TE prospect in the draft. They are planning an offense that runs about 70-75% of the time and implements a two-TE blocking scheme. New QB Christian Ponder (first-round pick) will ideally rely on the running game and not have to pass too much. When he does have to pass, he has two great TE’s. It’s a great plan, I’ll give them that.

12. Detroit Lions–Titus Young, WR, Boise State:

They had Calvin Johnson and now they add a playmaker to go opposite him. The closest thing to DeSean Jackson since, well…..DeSean Jackson, Young adds more play-making ability to a team that has been steadily adding talent. This team is getting good.

13. Denver Broncos–Rahim Moore, FS, UCLA

Moore is not the kind of guy that makes you think he can have multiple All-Pro selections by the time he is 28. What he is, is a steady player that can make plays occasionally, but most of all, he won’t cost them the game. When I say that I refer to costing them the game over the course of a game. Any one player can make a bad play at the very end that results in the loss of a game, but Moore should be a steady new addition to the Broncos defense.

14. Denver Broncos–Orlando Franklin, RT, Miami (FL):

This is another one of those picks that is very telling. Current RT Ryan Harris has no contract, does he get one? I wouldn’t bet on it. Harris should be a welcome addition to a team like the Lions, who could use more linemen. Even though they really need a center, but it wouldn’t hurt. The Broncos seem to want Harris out due to only playing 46/64 games in his 4-year career. Once a bright spot on the line, Harris is now a worry due to his inability to consistently be relied upon. Reliability is key on the o-line.

15.  St. Louis Rams–Lance Kendricks, TE, Wisconsin (pictured)

For what it is worth, Kendricks has scored 8 TD’s in the last two years. I would’ve loved to see Miami (FL) WR Leonard Hankerson here, or maybe Kansas State RB Daniel Thomas. Here’s to hoping its a good selection.

16. Oakland Raiders–Stefan Wisniewki, C, Penn State

I had to change the spelling three times so I hope it’s right. I think the Raiders did great here (yeah, you really read that) by selecting a guy that was considered top-3 interior lineman by virtually everyone. The value seems to meet and the Raiders improve their line for the future. I guess they enjoyed what running Darren McFadden looked like.

The next 16 will come in the next week, I appreciate you reading and feel free to share some thoughts below.