Lehigh LT Will Rackley, The Draft Study

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Will Rackley was drafted by our beloved Jacksonville Jaguars in the third round in a trade that gave the San Francisco 49ers pick #’s 80 and 192 for their pick #76. Essentially it took a 6th round pick to move up 4 spots. The Jaguars made this trade to get a player they felt “was a level above” the players still available and if we know anything about Jaguars GM Gene Smith, it’s that he both knows and loves to get linemen.

Rackley will make the conversion from star LT on a team that did not face top-level competition, to a possible starting guard on the Jaguarsas a rookie. Rackley doesn’t seem worreid about the conversion, stating: “It’s just dealing with bigger guys and shorter distances will be the biggest thing. I don’t think I will have too much trouble with that. I wouldn’t necessarily say different mentality.  You definitely go in there with a mauler mentality”.

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