My Final 2011 Quarterback Rankings for the Draft

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5. Colin Kaepernick, Nevada (early 2nd round)

Player Comparison: Steve McNair, Titans

Image Source: Heisman Pundit

Amazing athlete

Above avg accuracy

Amazing arm strength

Great footwork

Very agile in pocket.

Would be my #2 quarterback if his release was faster, ball speed almost makes up for it

If he quickens release, big things will happen

Has never run pro-style offense, may need to sit a year


6. Christian Ponder, Florida State (4th round)

Player Comparison: Mark Brunell, Jaguars

I know that I am immediately placing myself in the minority here, but I see Ponder as a back-up with spot-start capablity

He has no deep ball. It’s a floater only. His throws seem to stay in the air the longest of anyone I’ve studied.

The best “touch” of this class. This means that on short passes (under 12 yards) he can place it accurately in a manner thats easy to catch and leads to more yards. However, this is really all. Imagine having only a run-game. You have to threaten deep.

Pro-style experience

Very smart

team captain

7. Blaine Gabbert, Mizzou

Player Comparison: ?

Gabbert seems to play far too loose

He runs from people who arent there

He has never played from under center

He is rated highly on ability alone and where does that get us? I heard a coach once quoted as saying,”Boy! You’re potential is going to get me fired”. This could be applied to Jake Locker as well.

8. TJ Yates, North Carolina

Player Comparison: Jeff Garcia

improved with accuracy every year

above average arm

can run when needed

pro-style offense

developmental guy that could work


Cameron Newton, Auburn

Player Comparison: I have no idea….Vince Young?

Both young and newton actually throw the ball well

heisman trophy, check

national championship, check

so little footage hes hard to study, check

Newton is a great runner and ran a simple offense at Auburn. I have not interviewed him so it makes it hard for me to grade him. I don’t know how.

The Rest:

Due to time constraints, I have left off 3 quarterbacks that I really wanted to study: Greg McElroy of Alabama, Pat Devlin of Deleware and Tyrod Taylor of Virginia Tech

I don’t claim to be a scout but I’m learning and I hope that I was able to offer up some good information for you.