2011 WR Class The Top-5, The Notes

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Leonard Hankerson, Miami



  • can make the one-handed catch that you see others such as Green and Jones do on highlights
  • can get wide open
  • not electric speed but seems to be always accelerating, very fast player
  • will go across middle
  • fixed career with a wr coach that helped him dedicate to his craft with much more detail
  • much more special player than most have given credit too

Final Rankings:

1. AJ Green, GA (his hands are majical)

2. Leonard Hankerson, Miami (complete package)

3. Julio Jones, AL (most physical)

4. Randall Cobb, KY (explosive player)

5. Torrey Smith, MD (great outside speed guy)

6.Jonathan Baldwin, Pitt (great pickup for a team that needs a large posession wr)

Any of these WR’s would work for the Jaguars and more than likely, any of them would start Day 1.