2011 RB Draft Class Top-5, The Notes

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Noel Devine, WV

  • amazing two to three step acceleration
  • plays like Chris Johns, titans. just smaller
  • acceleration forces defenders to re-route their angles
  • you don’t run at this guy, he’ll make you miss
  • great balance
  • a blur on the field
  • great speed in all aspects
  • perfect complement to a power back for ELITE 1-2 punch
  • good hands
  • can hit head-on but its not his game to get wrapped into tackles

My rankings of these 7

1. Daniel Thomas, KS State

2. Mikel LeShoure, Illinois

3. Mark Ingram, AL

4. Noel Devine, WV

5. DeMarco Murray, OK

6. Ryan Williams, VA Tech

7. JacQuizz Rodgers

Some of these players would be on the same tier, such as Leshoure, Ingram and Devine. You would then pick best for your system. Rodgers is a big drop from the rest. Murray and Williams are similar. More detail is needed, but I don’t have that time, sorry.

Noel Devine is easily the best fit for the Jaguars. Maurice Jones-Drew is the power runner and Devine would give defenders headaches from not being able to find correct angles against him.

I want to make a point real quick: Jones-Drew is very rare. There is no one like him in this class, although this is a talented class, but no one has Jones-Drew’s ability to be a power runner and have home-run speed.