What Position Do The Jaguars Draft in the First Round-2011?

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Let’s Play Percentages for the first round.

Defensive End (40%)

There is a high chance that the Jaguars draft a DE in the coming draft. The crop is deep this year and the Jaguars could definitely used more talent at the position. While the Jaguars did get more depth at the position in the 2010 draft. No one on the roster is sure and Aaron Kampan, while a great DE, is not getting any younger. The future has to be approached now.

Offensive Tackle (30%)

There is also a deep crop at OT that should hit stride in the draft about 4-7 picks before the Jaguars and the first two tiers of tackles could last until the end of the first round. There is plenty of talent available at this position and while current starter at left tackle, Eugene Monroe, will likely remain a stalwart at the position for many years to come, right tackle Eben Britton has been mentioned by GM Gene Smith as a candidate to move inside on the line, having the ability to play both guard and center. Britton would be preffered at the guard position if a first round pick was placed on a tackle.