Washington QB Jake Locker, The Draft Study

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Locker was as known for his scrambling as he was for his passing during his time at the University of Washington. Seattle Times again fills us in:

"Locker will make what might be the most anticipated debut in Washington history Friday when he starts in the Huskies’ opener at Syracuse. Locker, listed as a sophomore by UW, is a redshirt freshman by NCAA eligibility standards."

I gotta admit, at this point it’s getting ridiculous. A very talented QB makes his debut and he is almost expected to “save” them as a redshirt freshman. In this game, Locker went 14/19, 142 yards, 0 TD and 0 INT. Running the ball, however, was an even more successfull endeavor for Locker having 10 carries for 83 yards and 2 TDs. That gets the fans going. Locker started with a 42-14 win over Syracuse that day. The rest of his career was not “savior-esque” with national championships and Heisman Trophies and multiple bowl wins, but in a way, it was still the boost Washington needed.

ESPN Stats:

  • 3-9  freshman record, while missing one game
  • 0-4 sophomore record, missed 8 games due to a broken thumb
  • 5-7  junior record, missed no games
  • 6-5 senior record, missed 1 game

He’s not the tradional “winner” like Time Tebow, Colt McCoy or Andy Dalton. However, he was easily on the worst team out of these players every year. Let’s look a little closer at his JR and SR seasons.

JR Season highlights:

  • 321 yards passing in week 1 vs LSU
  • 231 yards passing and a win vs USC (helped by new HC being Steve Sarkisian, well come back to that)
  • 8 games with over 230 yards passing
  • 5 games of over 10 carries
  • topped 60% completion 4 times
  • 21 TD, 11 INT

A game that shows his capability to close his JR season– vs California:

  •  19/23 for 248 yards passing, 3 TD and 0 INTs
  • 14 carries, 77 yards and 2 TDs rushing

Now, let’s not get too into Jake Locker vs whoever because it really is a team sport, but Locker is the subject to study so we’ll have to look at his individual stats. I just want you to keep in mind that Locker was not on great teams.

SR Season highlights:

  • 6 games of over 225 yards passing
  • won vs USC 32-31 while rushing for over 100 yards
  • 11 or more rush attempts in 6 games
  • topped 60% completion 6 times
  • 17 TD, 9 INT

As SR, won Bridgepoint Education Holiday Bowl vs Nebraska

  • 5/16 passing, 56 yards, 0 TDs, 0 INTs
  • 13 carries, 83 yards, 1 TD

Career Stats :

  •  7,639 yards passing, 53 TDs, 35 INT
  • 53.6% completion rate
  • no season of  60% completion
  • 29 Rush TD