Nevada QB Colin Kaepernick, The Draft Study

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Quoted and Noted

What are they saying?

I’ll take something thats a standout positive and negative and provide the link if you would like to read some more on your own. Please, feel free to comment with your own opinion. The better the conversation, the more the two hours it took to write this becomes worth it. TWO  HOURs?! yeah….

Kaepernick at 6’5″ and 233 lbs

positive: Possesses toughness and leadership qualities.

negative: Misses too many short passes.

The 3-4: (their grades may help you more. 10-point scale and it’s a great read)

Size/Arm Strength: 9.5

Accuracy: 7

Throwing Mechanics/Footwork: 5

Mobility/Athleticism: 10

Sideline Scouting:

positive: Constantly improving as a passer, completion percentage has increased each season he has played at Nevada

negative: Deep throws are all over the place


positive: Very hard worker and intelligent

negative: Ball security needs improvement (this is curious because of the stats we saw earlier)

negative #2: Played mostly against inferior competition (can’t argue)