Wishlist for the Jaguars’ 2nd and 3rd Draftees

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3rd round prospects:

  • Shareece Wright (CB, USC)

Now here is someone who does not fit the Gene Smith mold. He had problems with the law as well as scholarship problems – because of his bad grades, he could not play in the ’09 season, despite the fact that he would have been a starter. Also, he does not have much game experience. But he offers so much upside (with good coaching, and keeping him out of trouble, of course) that he might be worth taking that risk – I mean, we’re talking about the third round so, why not take that gamble? It speaks for itself that despite all of his problems (along with lost time from a neck injury), he was elected to team captain in the USC. He is aggressive, has great physical measurements, excellent footwork, and above average instincts. He is a competitor, and could be a much better player in the NFL then he was in college. Also, his past problems must not have bothered GM Gene too, because it was reported (acknowledged by the player, as well) that the Jaguars are showing interest him interest. So keep an eye on him.

  • Tyler Sash (SS, Iowa)

He is a very interesting prospect in this year’s extremely weak safety class. He surprised many by entering this year’s draft as a junior, but he showed at Iowa last season that he is ready for the NFL, plus as I said before, the safety prospects are so disappointing that Sash may be the best SS in this draft and benefit by being picked earlier. He has above-average athletic skills with good speed and lots of Cover 2 experience. He is really outstanding against the run. Has a great motor and his ball skills aren’t bad – 13 interceptions in 3 seasons. I think he would be great competition for Courtney Greene and would boost the Jaguars’ underwhelming secondary.

  • Mason Foster (OLB, Washington)

Yet another prospect who has all the tools the Jaguars front office likes to see in a player. Foster was to the Huskies’ defense what Jake Locker was to its offense – the undisputed leader. He was a starter for 3.5 seasons and led the Pac-10 in tackles in ’08 and ’10. His dedication to football is way beyond average – he is a leader, has a high motor, and is extremely tough. You can’t tell me  Jack Del Rio wouldn’t love to coach a guy like that. He can play all three LB positions, but most likely he’ll be an OLB at the pro level, which qualifies as a “need” position, since it seems the Jaguars will let Justin Durant go. He can blitz and even in pass coverage, helping the secondary out (needless to say how much that would help the Jaguars). I think if he and/or Greg Jones are still on the board in the 3rd round when the Jaguars pick, all bets are that one of them will end up in teal!

  • Ricky Stanzi (QB, Iowa)

Now here is a player who represents a developmental project, but who shouldn’t need excessive time to be refined into pro-ready. Stanzi is a 3 year starter and team captain, but has plenty of flaws that made him a 2nd day prospect at best, but with one really big advantage. He is excellent in the clutch. When it comes to the 4th quarter, Stanzi owns it, winning many games with last minute touchdown. He is an above average athlete, has a quick release, and a perfect throwing motion. His leadership skills are also way above average. He is tough – not afraid of staying in the pocket despite pressure. His accuracy and timing, as well as his decision making, is questionable, but all of that can be coached. He has a ton of upside, and I think in worst case scenario, the Jaguars would get a very decent # 2 QB  – who can easily develop into a franchise QB!

So these are my candidates for Round 2 and 3. Stay tuned for my 3rd day draft prospect list!

–         Zoltan Paksa