The New Guy


In 2002, we were graced with what is “The New Guy” starring DJ Qualls and the character Luther birthed some descriptional text that applies here,

“You know those moments when a man makes a decision that’ll change his entire life and he steps up to become the hero he was meant to be? This ain’t one of those moments.”

-and that’s exactly how I feel writing this.

Yeah, so I’m the new guy around here and I hope to bring you some good content and help make Black and Teal one of the best sports discussions sites on the internet. However, I need to warn you that I’m a little bit more like this Tom Brady than this Tom Brady (props to whoever comes up with whatever he is “whispering” in her ear), but stick with me and maybe we’ll have something great to read before the draft hits.

A little about me regarding football: I never played. Now that I’ve lost all credibility, Ill try to regain it. My mock draft was not registered last year, but adding the points up, I finished tied for 33rd last season at The Huddle Report and I plan to register this season to get real competitive with it, and that was my try.

Alright, enough with self-deprecation, lets talk about football beliefs-you know, what’s important in life. I believe a lot of the things that most of us had thrown at us everyday in the “Ask Vic” column (RIP the column). Just for the sake of getting more descriptive, here’s ten things I believe (in no order) that may help you get to know where I’m coming from, regarding football.

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Ten beliefs I have regarding football:

1) “We (the QB’s) are the prize”-Joe Namath

2) Any position that affects the QB is the second most important

3) BAP in the draft, unless you have “The Man” at QB, then you should trade down.

4) I personally prefer the 43 base defense to the 34, but there are advantages with both and it really depends on what coaches and personnel that you have.

5) I still prefer a run-based offense over a pass-happy offense

6) I want the most physical team

7) I don’t want players to bring anything negative to the team. This means that I want good guys, but I can overlook some things. These are football players, not missionaries. (not that i have a problem with Gene Smith or missionaries and there is a difference between his guys and missionaries, I just felt like making a point that would take way too long to make)

8) Mike Mayock is the best in the business and it’s not close, but he’s not perfect

-that 8 turned into a smiley, but I like it, so it stays

9) Veterans to “school” rookies are not necessary, they are luxuries

10) Free Agency is a nice way to patch, not build

Regarding teams, I’m a fan of the Jacksonville Jaguars and can see that they are building in a way that gives legitimate reason to be excited over what can happen in the long-term future as well as 2011, even if Shane Falco is our quarterback.

In the college ranks, I’ve been a fan of Mississippi State my entire life, which has made for a long life. However, they are slowly getting good and I’d be happy if the Jags got any of their 3 that are in the draft: LT Derek Sherrod, OLB KJ Wright, and MLB Chris White. We can talk details later.

Also, Chad Ochocinco is hilarious. Don’t take him seriously and know that he is on another team and it’s great to watch from afar.

These are just a few things I dug out of my mind today, what’s in yours?

-Brandon Clark