Arkansas QB Ryan Mallett, The Draft Study

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Character Concerns?

Ryan Mallet has become so analyzed that it has, in many settings, seemingly come across as an attack. Is it warranted? Is Mallett really on hard drugs? Was it in his past? Is it unsubstantiated and we’re looking at a great QB? This much worry turns a GM off. Is he the next Ryan Leaf or more of a Peyton Manning?

NFL Draft Monsters:

“NFL Draft Monsters has a policy of not publishing a story without two independent confirmations.  We were approached this week, by a source inside the Arkansas program who told us the he has personally witnessed Mallett use both marijuana, and cocaine.  This corroborates an account given to us a few months back, that we had been unable to substantiate.”

USA Today on Malletts arrest for Public Intoxication in March, 2008:

“Fayetteville police arrested Arkansas quarterback Ryan Mallett on a public intoxication charge early Sunday outside of a nightspot near campus.The 20-year-old Mallett was booked into the Washington County Jail at 3:47 a.m. after Fayetteville police arrested him on Dickson Street. Mallett was released on bond about an hour later.”

National Football Post:

“His inconsistency in leading his team to victory or making poor decisions at the most vital time of the game really sends up a red flag,” Softli wrote. “Character and drug use issues are starting to rear their ugly head. Heavy rumors of drug use and possible addiction kept him from coming out for the 2010 draft. A lot of people are comparing Mallett to Ryan Leaf. I think Ryan was a better football player, with a cannon for an arm but the immaturity was just too much to overcome. A hair facial test might tell all 32 teams who this person really is.”

Softli used to hold the title of Personnel Dept Executive for the Rams and Panthers.

Ryan Mallet Quotes from AOL Sporting News:

“There been times when I have not come off the best way,” Mallett told The Cincinnati Enquirer. “Once people get to know me, they will find out what a great kid and great person I am.

“People have called me cocky and arrogant but I have a lot of confidence in our team and the people around me. I wasn’t trying to make it sound like it was all about me because it wasn’t.

“I can lead a team to a championship. I can learn quickly and adjust on the run.”

AOL News:

in respone to drug allegations–> “obviously, somebody did it for a reason, right before the combine, right before the draft.”

on his strengths–>“My strength as a person and as a quarterback is my mental game,” said Mallett, who added that he emulates Tom Brady and Peyton Manning. “Knowing defenses and recognizing what they’re going to do on third down and distance, that’s my strength.”

Tony Softli, ESPN (same Softli as above):

“Tony Softli of ESPN 101 St. Louis reports that Arkansas QB Ryan Mallett did not declare for the 2010 NFL draft due to “heavy rumors” that he was addicted to drugs.”

However, I can not find any factual evidence on the internet for Ryan Mallet being involved in anything other than the public intoxication. I have seen the much talked about/controversial combine interview (click here). ESPN had Mallet on ‘Gruden’s QB Camp’ today. On the show, they played edited clips of Mallet supposedly dodging questions of his rumored drug and alcohol addictions. Mallet did not go over them with the media saying that he wanted to keep this between him and the team. Gruden mentioned that handling criticism whether warranted or not was part of the job of the qb in the NFL. Gruden then asked him if all was well with him and the teams and Mallet said that he’s good. With no failed drug test and no record of anything, I have to say that Mallet checks out.

My one concern is that he was never voted team captain, or at least that’s what has been reported on the internet multiple times. Calling that reporting is practically a joke. Please read this quote.

Arkansas Sports 360:

“Immediately after declaring for the draft several of his teammates — unsolicited — posted messages on Facebook and twitter about what kind of leader he had been.

“But it’s not what they did after the season that should tell you about his leadership. It’s what they did before the season: Mallett was elected a team captain two years in a row. His first turn as a team captain — elected totally by his teammates without input from coaches — came before ever starting a down at Arkansas.

“What we do know is this: Mallett never failed a drug test while at Arkansas, his agent J.R. Carroll said. “Those tests don’t lie,” Carroll said. “And they don’t care who you are or what position you play.”

I encourage you to click that link and read the article. They did a fine job of actual reporting and it really is informative. The interesting thing is that it conflicts with the first quote on this page, from NFL Draft Monsters. This time of year anyone will say anything so it does make it hard to believe anything. I suppose you should just real all you can and make up your own mind. Watch a few interviews onYouTube, too.