An Afternoon Beer with Andrew Hofheimer

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From today’s Ask Vic:

"Zach from Woodstock, IL How does a guy like Jonathan Baldwin compare to a player such as Jermichael Finley? Both have freakish size for their positions. Does Baldwin have the drive and attitude to potentially be very successful like Finley has been? Vic: That’s the big question. Baldwin’s measurables are Finleyesque, but there were too many one-hand stabs and lackadaisical attempts last year for Baldwin. He was a rising guy off his 2009 season, but he lost a little ground off last season’s performance; his size and speed, however, could bring him back up the board. Will the light go on when he becomes a pro? Will he dedicate himself to his craft and improve his route-running? Will he spend extra time after practice catching balls and improving his hands? It’s up to him now."

I chose this guy because I keep hearing his name associated with Jacksonville – Vic’s written about him a few times, a fan has asked about him in the O-Zone, and I’ve seen him mocked to the Jaguars in more than one mock draft. My first take on him is if there were ever questions about his desire, what would make him turn it on in the Pros? People are rarely motivated after they’ve gotten the money. If you won’t do it because you love your school or because you want to win or even because you want to be drafted higher and get the big paycheck, why would you turn it on after you’ve got the money in your pocket? I understand these are 22 year olds and most of us were not fully matured at 22 and their work habits may change, but how many of these guys have you known Gene Smith to draft or even bother discussing? GM Gene draft picks are already “wise beyond their years”, so don’t go picturing Baldwin in teal anytime soon. That also comes back to a great point Oehser had earlier in the O-Zone today – just because you’re hearing a guy’s name a lot doesn’t mean the team thinks he’s anything special. Draftniks all talk about the same guys and their job is to entertain us. We certainly fall in line with the stereotype – say any prospect’s name enough and the fans are guaranteed to feel in love.

Hope everyone enjoyed the first installment of the new article. Please keep the discussion going with your comments below and tune in tomorrow!

– Andrew Hofheimer