Out of the Abyss


This has been a tough time of year for the majority of NFL fans.  For these trying weeks of playoff football, 20 NFL teams’ fans have been the wallflowers, watching the select few battle for the glory of hoisting the legendary Lombardi Trophy. Finally, the last bits of confetti have hit the synthetic grass of Cowboys Stadium and the Packers and their fans can spend the next few weeks basking in glory. Hopefully, they learn from Sean Payton & Co. and opt not to spend all of OTA’s and Training Camp with three times the legal limit of alcohol in their system. I will make no disclaimer about all of this CBA hoopla and IF the normal proceeding of the offseason will happen – Peter King would have you believe that we’ll have String Theory mastered before another professional football game is played. Let’s be serious folks, they may miss a few practices in March, but something will get worked out thanks to the lovely institution of capitalism that this great country is founded upon because every game not played is a hugely wasted revenue opportunity. So enjoy it Packers fans – you’ve finally laid the Ole Silver Fox to rest and villified Ted Thompson’s ability to make lifelong cheeseheads wear purple.

It’s the first day of the official offseason and everyone is back to a level playing field – 2010 is in the history books and if you ain’t doin’ your homework and gettin’ ready for 2011, you might end up drafting the next Jimmy Clausen to be the face of your franchise. The combine is just around the corner, the first OTA’s are in March (probably a 50/50 chance of those, currently), and the draft is in April. There will be plenty to analyze, discuss, and speculate over in the next few months and coverage of the sport has never been deeper, so even though we’ll all be missing the games, there will still be plenty of material to peruse while we wait for . Tomorrow, we will be featuring an article by Black & Teal’s own Zoltan Paksa about whether or not the Jaguars should trade for a Quarterback in Free Agency – I’m sure some of our readers will have their own opinions about that one!

Stay tuned

– Andrew Hofheimer