The Ideal Playoff Scenario for Jacksonville


"Here’s another article from new contributor, Jason Love. Enjoy."

Let’s toss out the notion that this would be too presumptive and looking too far ahead, because we are fans. We are allowed to look forward, just so long as the Jaguars do not. For arguments sake, lets say that the Jaguars win out and go to the playoffs. Who would we want the Jaguars to face on the road to a Super Bowl? Here’s one man’s humble opinion on the subject.

The current playoff scenario has Jacksonville as the 4th seed in the AFC, sitting behind the other divisional leaders, the Patriots, Steelers and the Chiefs respectively. The two wild card spots are currently held by the the Jets and Ravens. If the playoffs were to happen today, the Jaguars would have a home game against the Jets during wild card weekend. If they won, they would then face Pittsburgh or New England. After that it’s unknown.

Ideally the Jags would want New England to stay in the #1 seed and for Pittsburgh to remain in the #2. The Jaguars would then benefit immensely if they were able to somehow jump the Chiefs and grab the #3 seed. The rest could stay the same, with KC at #4, the Jets at #5 and the Ravens at #6.

Why would this be the best playoff scenario for the Jags? Well let’s break it down.  First, the Jets seem to be the weakest of the Wild Card teams currently. Their passing game is just not that good, contrary to what the talking heads might be saying and, as we all know, the Jaguars defense is weak against the pass. Second, gaining the #3 seed would allow the Jags to avoid the best passing offense in the AFC playoff race until the very end. If the Jags could face the Pats in the championship game, the weather might play a factor and make it harder to pass, thus forcing everything onto the run game, which would benefit the Jaguars, no matter who they play. Third, the Ravens would be considered the favorite over a KC and would have to go to NE to play the Pats. If the Ravens played the Pats, the Jags could hope for a brutal game that leaves both teams battered and bruised. The Ravens would also seem to be a better match-up on paper.

Granted, the Jaguars have not surpassed the Chiefs nor even made it into the playoffs at all, but we fans can dream.

– Jason Love