Let’s Be Happy!


Oh you Jaguars…always taking us on a roller coaster ride of emotion throughout the season.  But, at this point in the season, I would like to reflect on why we, the Jaguars fans, are happy to be fans!  Follow the jump for happiness!

Here are a few things that make me happy about the Jaguars:

  • First place in the division!  I don’t care what people say about this division losing its luster as of late.  Every team (except maybe the Titans) are playing very competitively!  And we’re in the lead!  That’s something folks!
  • David Garrard.  Good David, Bad David.  I don’t care David, I like to watch the man play!
  • Maurice Jones-Drew.
  • Everbank Field.  I love that we play on grass, like the game was meant to be played.  I like that the stadium is called a “field” as opposed to some other name.  It reminds me of Soldier Field and Lambeau Field.  Both have rich histories in football.  Maybe the Jaguars will join them!
  • The Defense.  I know they don’t always play great, but defense has been the highlight of the Jags for years.  I love them, good and bad, and I’m glad we’re returning to dominance on that side of the ball.  I’d say we have one of the most competitive front four in the league.  They don’t rack up a ton of sacks, but they’re still young.  And I love seeing a young team develop.
  • Jack Del Rio!  He’s a very good “players” coach and brings a tough attitude to the game.  He isn’t crass, an exuberant character, or insane.  And I like him.  Not to mention he’s classy and was one of the few to insist on wearing a suit on the sidelines. Speaking of which: Whatever happened to that?
  • Marcedes Lewis.  Remember when the Jaguars had Kyle Brady?  Yeah, me neither.  Lewis is in the forefront of everyone’s mind right now.  He’s awesome!  And I use that word correctly, literally extremely impressive, daunting, inspiring.
  • Maurice Jones-Drew.
  • The history of success.  The early years of the Jaguars were marked with success.  They didn’t end in Superbowls (We let the Panthers be the first expansion team to fail in that arena), but they established a tradition of winning.  Unlike the Texans, who are still recovering from their early days, the Jaguars have been able to point backward and say, “we need to get back to that.”
  • Eugene Monroe.  He’ll be here for years to come.  A good left tackle is invaluable!  Even if a team offered a massive contract and huge trade incentives (Steve Hutchinson in Minnesota) it would not be worth trading him away.  I’m loving this guy and his rapid development!
  • Gene Smith.  He’s reconstructing our team beautifully!  I’m not sure if I’d trust the team in anybody else’s hands.  And definitely not in the hands of Shack Harris.
  • The Fans.  You guys make it great!  I’ve never been to a game, but I’m from Minnesota and the fans just aren’t the same.  It’s so tough to remain even remotely interested in the Vikings because they have a tradition of letting everyone down.  Jacksonville seems to have a wondrous fan base!  And for such a small market, that’s fine with me!
  • Run The Ball, Stop The Run.  Good plan.  Let’s do it!
  • Maurice Jones-Drew.
  • Fred Taylor.  I know he’s not current, but man was he dominant.  I loved watching him play!  Not to mention his fantastic attitude!  He is a star, was born a star, and should retire a Jaguar to be a star forever more at Everbank Field.

– Luke N. Sims