Five Jaguars who stand out this year


Looking past the disappointments, there are players who are putting on a wonderful performance this year. I thought it time to look for the positives, so here are five guys delivering on their promise.  See if you agree.

Eben Britton.  Eben said he would develop into a top right tackle in the NFL. He came out of a spread offense as a junior and found the NFL game much different. His technique was bad at times and he lost his man a number of times last year that caused David to rush or be hit. After giving up 40 QB pressures last year, this year he has given up 6 thus far. He allowed only one sack this year. His run blocking has improved as well.  Eben Britton, thank you for delivering on your promise.

Brad Meester. People said Brad had a bad year last year. He had people on either side of him that we re struggling and they had tackles outside who were learning. Brad promised to have a better year and he has. Last year the Jaguars could not run up the middle and Brad gave up 14 QB pressures. This year? No sacks and 2 QB pressures. Even more, the Jaguars run straight up the middle with success. 25% of Maurice’s 483 yards have been right off of Brad Meester blocks. Not bad. Brad Meester, thank you for a good year thus far.

Mike Thomas. Mike said he wanted to be known as more than a slot receiver. He wanted to become the go-to guy for David.  Through six games, he has 29 receptions for 346 yards and a 11.9 yards per catch average. These are not great numbers for the league, but they are very respectable. In fact Eddie Royal of Denver has about the same statistics.  Mike will need some very big games to get to 1,000 yards, but he is the one guy who can do it. He said he would and he is showing he can. Good Job Mike!

Aaron Kampman. You just need to nod when I say his name. We all know what he has done, returned respectability to our defensive line. He has 4 sacks and with any luck will have as many this year as the entire Jaguars team had last year.  You don’t need too many Aaron Kampmans on your team to be a playoff contender. Aaron said he would come in and help and he has. Thank you, thank you thank you Aaron Kampman.

Kirk Morrison.  Kirk came in and said he would be a leader by example. He was absent in the first two games but has poured it on since. He is the leading tackler on the Jaguars with 36 tackles. He is playing at the same level as DeMeco Ryans from Houston and Jerrod Mayo from New England. He was criticized in Oakland for his coverage skills but even that area of his game has improved.  Kirk Morrison is living up to his word on being a leader. For that, we say thank you Kirk. Thank you very much.

If I missed anyone, mention them in the comments. I needed some positive words so if you have any, post them. THanks!

– Terry O’Brien