5 Reasons the Jaguars should lose to Kansas City


I am not wishing a loss for the Jaguars. It would thrill me to see them return to a winning record and keep fighting. The truth is Kansas City has emerged this year and the Jaguars look to be the underdog. Here are five reasons why:

Kansas City’s Defense.  Kansas City has been playing a much improved defense this year including excellent run defense and a strong pass rush. They have recorded 11 sacks, 17 hits but 70 QB pressures by playing an aggressive 3-4 defense.  Our QB will have to throw to win and will be under pressure when going back.

Jaguars Quarterback Situation.  Luke said it best, we miss Luke McCown right now big time.  No matter who starts for the Jaguars, they don’t know the playbook. Against Tennessee, the Jaguars ran the ball because Trent Edwards was limited in his readiness to run the full offense. That situation isn’t better this week. Vanilla offense at best for the Jaguars.

Ryan Lilja and Jamaal Charles.I don’t understand why Indianapolis let Ryan Lilja go but he is playing lights out run blocking for Kansas City this year. Jamaal Charles has been running well off his blocks. This means the Jaguars will face a real test in keeping the run game in check. Well, they did it against Tennessee you think? Yes, but the pass opened up. Kansas City can run the ball and the Jaguar linebackers must respect that.

Kansas City can chew up the clock.  With a balanced offense, Kansas City can win the time of possession battle. By giving the Jaguars little opportunity to score and with the Jaguars limited offense, the Jaguars have to be very efficient in the time they have. I don’t know how strong the Jaguars will be in getting Kansas City off the field and getting opportunities to score.

Kansas City smells Division Title.  When they look around the division, they see a faltering San Diego, a weak Denver and an Oakland team. They are in first place in front of their home crowd. Their fans will be pumped and that team will be pumped. They can’t afford to let this game slip past.  A loss to the Jaguars would be worse than our Monday Night defeat. The Jaguars have less time to prepare and have to shake off what just happened. Kansas City wants this game bad.

So there it is. Five real good reasons the Chiefs are favored in this game. For the Jaguars to come through, Todd Bauman has to be the next Kurt Warner as a surprise quarterback.  The defense has to respond very well and the turnover ratio has to come back in our favor.

The Jaguars can win this game, but it has to be a real strong effort. Good luck Jags!

– Terry O’Brien