There is blood in the Water


and Jeff Fisher smells it.  I don’t care how many Colts fans write and yell their team is great, the Colts are crumbling. The Houston Texans are all offense and championships are won with defense. Jeff knows this. He is driving his team to the extreme right now. This Monday Night game is the defining moment for his team. There is blood in the water and time to roll back the eyes and speed to the strike. Hit hard from the backside and the victim won’t know what happened. Take David Garrard out. Draw the flag, but take him out.

The Titans defense is playing exceptionally well. Dave Ball has 5 QB sacks. Never heard of him? We will. Jason Babin, heard of him? 4 QB sacks. They play at the same time. Linebacker Witherspoon, heard of him? 3 QB sacks. Even Derrick Morgan is contributing more as a rookie right now than Derrick Harvey has contributed. This line gets to the quarterback. This line is being drilled right now to take David Garrard out of the game. Hell, take him out of football if you can. This is not a game for the weak. As Caesar said, come back carrying your shield of being carried on it. Don’t come back unless you succeed.

Tennessee will face the Jaguars as their first divisional opponent. They will not fail in this mission. There is blood in the water.

The only way the Jaguars can win this game is to think like the enemy. Get to the quarterback with everything you have and take him out. Kill, kill, kill. Kill Chris Johnson. Kill Vince Young. I am not talking about tackling, I am talking about hurting. Can you face the reality of this? Think I am over the top? What do you think Jeff Fisher is talking about every day? What do youi think the bounty is for taking Maurice or David out?

Forget normal sensibility. Forget humanity. Forget everything you hold dear as far as morals. This Monday Night game is not for the squeamish. Stay home, don’t tune it in, forget even reading about it. The Jaguars need to be killers this week. They are facing the assassins of the NFL. They need to prepare to fight with equal measure.

Jaguars – come home carrying your shield or being carried on it. Don’t you dare leave anything on the sidelines.

– Terry O’Brien