Jaguars/Bills Preview with Buffalo Low Down


It was my pleasure to join Paul Miller, lead blogger from Buffalo Low Down   in a discussion on the Buffalo Bills.  I am not as much worried about how the Jaguars will beat the Bills, that is not a hard plan. I am more interested in the state of the franchise and how things look.  I do have to warn you all, the opposing NFL teams have been openly laughing at the Bill players. They are in no mood to lose and the Jaguars better be ready for a fight. Just sayin….

B&T: The Bills have a history of fantastic running backs from Cookie Gilchrist through Marshawn Lynch. Is CJ Spiller going to be a hall of fame running back for the Bills?

"Many Bills fans scratched their heads when the Bills drafted C.J.Spiller 9th overall in the draft, but after an explosive preseason, 26 carries for 122 yards (4.69 average per carry) and three touchdowns, the fans of Buffalo had changed their opinion about the running back out of Clemson.Unfortunately, as the Bills enter week 5, Spiller has only 14 rushing attempts, so it is way to early to tell if Spiller can become a hall of fame running back.With Lynch now traded to Seattle, I expect to see a lot more of Spiller out of the backfield, which hopefully leads to a lot more points on the board for the Bills and gives the coaching staff a chance to see if Spiller is indeed the real deal."

B&T: I don’t remember a time when the Bills focused on the offensive line as a weapon since the Electric Company. What is it about Buffalo that stops them from developing a strong O-Line? Is this year the worst?

"As a huge Bills fan myself, I have the same question when it comes to the Bills offensive line needs. It seems week to week guards arechanging their positions and being replaced on the line. It is toughfor a young inexperienced offensive line to gel and become a unit if the same players aren’t always out on the field together.The Bills could have easily used some of their high draft picks to start to build a competitive O-line, but instead they waited until the 5th round to draft OT Ed Wang out of Virginia Tech, who hasn’t seen one snap this season due to an injury."

B&T: I am sorry for this question but are the Buffalo Bills the worst team in football right now? What team can they beat?

"Oh man, kicking us while we are down. I’d have to say yes, sadly the Buffalo Bills are one of the worst teams right now in the NFL. The main problem with this team is that they have no identity; are they a running team? Are they a passing team? Who are their leaders? These are the type of questions that should have been answered during training camp, but still remains a mystery. Sooner or later someone on the Bills roster is going to have to step up and change the losing culture of this franchise."

B&T: How will the Bills beat the Jaguars?

"There are two main keys to the game that the Buffalo Bills need to follow to pull off a win at home vs the Jaguars.The first one is stopping Maurice Jones-Drew. The Bills defense is ranked 30th in the league allowing almost 154 rushing yards a game, and I’m sure MJD is already drooling over his chance to run over this defense. The Bills are going to have to fill the box to stop the run, and let the arm of David Garrard try and beat them through the air.The second key to winning the game is to win the time of possession.In last week’s blowout loss against the New York Jets, the Bills offense was only on the field for 19:31, leaving the Bills defense on the field for almost 40 minutes. I don’t care what team you are, youwill never win a game with such a lopsided T.O.P. And for the Bills,it will all start with sustaining drives and executing on 3rd down; right now they are dead last in the league in 3rd down conversations at a horrible 25.8%."

Well there you have it. The Bills need this win badly to have any respect in the NFL and from their fans. I can only think, there but for the grace of MJD go we. The Jaguars must dig deep now and produce a solid win with a convincing performance. Then they come home for a big Monday Night event. They have to rise and get this done. I feel for Paul and the folks in Buffalo for the state they are in but sorry guys, we need the win. Go Jags!

– Terry O’Brien