Random Thoughts after Week Four


Every year a football team becomes something new. Things we didn’t expect happen, things we did expect don’t happen.  I think the Jaguars clearly demonstrate that. Part of being a fan is being wrong sometimes. I fall into that, so here are some observations and things I might have been wrong about:

I think Eben Britton might be the most improved player. I also think Eugene Monroe is having a slump. The only difference is Uche Nwaneri has moved from side to the other. He is with Eben now.  Uche Nwaneri and Eben Britton are forming quite a duo but Eben Britton is doing a lot on his own. I was wrong about him. I also said Eugene Monroe was pro-bowl caliber and sadly that has not been shown thus far.

Mike Sims-Walker has the dropsy’s and David might have lost confidence in him. I don’t know what Mike’s problem this year is, but he is regressing and becoming very ordinary. There are other receivers ready to step up and Mike Thomas and Tiquan Underwood are making a case for themselves. I though Mike would be better this year.

The Defensive Line is as good as I thought, but Zoltan was right about a lack of backups and rotation. The Jaguars may suffer from running with the lead horses too long. Kampman, Alualu and Knighton are in every single play. I stand by my comments that Derek Landri and John Henderson were worth keeping. We will see.

David Garrard must be Bi-Polar. He is either a league leading quarterback or the worst in the league. I really don’t get the wild swings, but that pass to Tiquan Underwood won the Indy game and the near interception the next play almost lost it. It is freaky to watch.

Do the Jaguars have a witness protection program? Where did Derek Cox and Tyron Brackenridge go? They are both running special teams duty so they aren’t hurt. No matter what Derek Cox did, Ben Rothlesburger was allowed back into football before Derek is. What did these guys do and what game is being played? We are hemorrhaging pass yards and trying everyone and anyone in the backfield except these two guys who have experience. What is the deal?

Maurice needs a breakout game to convince me he is 100%. He does have 322 yards rushing and is on pace with a very good season, but I feel something is lacking in his play. There isn’t the same spark, the pancake blocks, the elusive runs, the knocking people over.  I remember watching him with my jaw dropping. That isn’t happening.

Greg Jones and Marcedes Lewis might be the offensive MVPs this year.Very quietly these guys are doing a lot for their team.  I really believe Marcedes should get the ball more and think we are wasting him as an offensive weapon, but there is no missing his contribution. Also Greg Jones has been a blocking machine running to the right this year.  Both of them are making things happen.

I feel down on the Jaguars and I don’t know why.  I think the talk of a playoff run and the hope of a more solid team got my expectations up. The solid win against Denver was a great start. maybe if we take out Buffalo and Tennessee and go 4-2 I will feel better. I don’t know what it is, but to me thet aren’t right yet. I don’t know, how do you feel?

Here is to a good week!

– Terry O’Brien