The Jaguars are back – Post-game quick shots


Hours after the end of the Colts game, I can still barely believe what the Jaguars and Josh Scobee archived. I’m 100% sure this match belongs as one of the all time Top 10 regular season victories for the franchise. There was lot on the line (the QB position; the season; maybe the fate of the head coach) and the teams answered the call. The end of this game was the most turbulent Jaguars game ending I ever saw. Maurice Jones Drew scored a TD; then David Jones almost intercepted Peyton Manning; then the Colts managed to tie the ballgame. Then David Garrard commited his one and only mistake and he was almost picked off by Kelvin Hayden. But the Jaguars could reach the 39 yard line and then came Josh Scobee with “The Kick” (I guess we can call the longest -GAME WINNING- FG made in Jaguars history). The crowd was behind the team. The season is saved, for now. (And a personal note; it seems I may really have some ‘special Hungarian psychic power’ – look what I predicted as an endresult for this game… )

Let’s see my positive and not positive thought about this game:

(Very) Bright Spots:

Josh Scobee: He will be the most talked about Jaguars player in the next few days. 59 yards. We have at least 1 big positive defining moment in this season  Scobee is still  perfect this season; and if he remain this accurate he should make the Pro Bowl this year!

Maurice Jones Drew: First time this season that MJD looked like a Top 5 RB in this league. Although his was limping in the second half and that scares me a bit; his 2 TDs and his first 100+ rushing yard game of the season speaks for itself. He also got his 50th career rushing TD. Congratulations.

David Garrard: Although I felt that offensive coordinator Dirk Koetter held him on a short leash, David executed the game plan very well.  No turnovers; 2 TD passes; a 25 yard TD run; and just 1 really bad throw will definitely quiet those who want him out of Jacksonville. His passer rating was 122.t7; with his second highest completion % -77;2- of his career (the record is from another Colts game from ’07- 82.8).  Good job by the signal caller. I hope he will get his confidence back.

The offensive line; especially Eugene Monroe and Eben Britton: They won ‘Round 3’ against Freeney and Mathis. 1 QB hit and no sack allowed. That is a statement; and I hope that will soon be the standard from these 2.

Mike Thomas: I think he is the best WR of the Jaguars. He is a multifunctional weapon and he never lets done. He can run; catch; return and all of this for a . And he was a 4th round pick.

The safeties: Gerald Alexander was excited all week long (based on his twitter account) about the fact that he has returned to the NFL. And he played like he had not missed a minute. Seriously, why did Gene cut this guy? Any one notice the return of Anthony Smith? I know some Colts players noticed he was back. He proved once again that he can hit the opponent very hard. All of sudden the safeties were not as weak as we thought. I give credit to Rashean Mathis, he recorded his first solid game by erasing Austin Collie most of the time

Jeremy Mincey: He recorded a sack on Peyton manning and gave something we have not seen for a while- pressure from the LDE. I think he will start next week. (Aaron Kampman was once again himself- 4 weeks in a row…Just like Marcedes ‘extend him Gene’ Lewis on offense)

The Flipside:

Derrick Harvey: I think his days as a starter is done. And because the Jaguars drafted him at the 8th pick; that means his day are numbered in Jacksonville. Seriously; I consider him as a possible trade option before the deadline expiring this season! (Oh and I want to see Austen Lane finally in action!)

Mike Sims-Walker: I not exactly sure who to blame here. Was it Dirk Koetter for not designing plays for him? Was it David Garrard for not finding him (He was once wide open; and David decided to run with the ball instead). Is it Mike himself? He was invisible for the second time in 4 games. That’s why I stated that Mike Thomas now is this team’s number one receiver. (Speaking of invisible; where is Zach Miller? He is so secret weapon; even the Jaguars starting forget about him)

David Jones: Reggie Wayne had a career day against him. It’s time to release Derek Cox from the doghouse Jack! (Although to be fair with him- I must give credit to David for his forced fumble on Wayne. And his almost interception drop made ‘The Kick’ happen… )

Knighton & Alualu: Once again; I barely heard their names; they didn’t showed up in the stats; and Joseph Addai (representing the Colts run game along by himself) had a pretty good game…

Rashard Jennings: This is just a little note. He stopped at least 3 times while he carried the ball when he could have gained more yards. I’ve not seen that from him so far; and I hope next time we will not observe this again.

Overall I really like the effort and the way the Jaguars responded to the huge challenge. I expect that this win will boost the ticket sales and the Monday Night game and maybe the Texans game as well will be NOT blacked out.

Now they are 2nd in the division- and the Colts are basically 1/2 game behind them dispite the same record; and the schedule will turn a bit easier (if they remain focused) this week. The Bills are next; who can’t throw the ball; can’t stop anything; especially the run; have a rubbish offensive line; and a QB ; who is nowhere near to Peyton Manning. Plus let’s not to forget, that Trent Edwars has plenty of information about his former team’s strengths and weaknesses… Let’s grab the momentum and get a winning streak started now!

 Zoltan Paksa