The situation is more serious than we think


I was optimistic about the season but things have changed. We are looking at a scenario for the 2010 season that could place more stress on the Jaguar organization than it can endure. Consider this list of possibilities:

The Jaguars earn the number one draft position. Don’t think that could happen? The games against Buffalo and Oakland may determine if it is true. The number one draft choice has commanded a $50 million deal. Every time we drafted at the number 10 position, we had to say goodbye to veterans to pay for the new draftee.  At the number one draft position, the Jaguars would have serious financial decisions to make. If the number one position is a quarterback, as it should be, the price will be high. Pray for a rookie wage scale.

A new coach is required. I just don’t see how Jack Del Rio could survive another meltdown season. I don’t see why he should. As fans, we would have lost confidence. Would the Jaguars try and sign a top name? What would that cost? A top name could demand $10 million. The Jaguars would have to hire either a John Fox (not a bad option) or an assistant looking to break through. I doubt we could afford a top dollar guy.

Ticket sales might suffer.  I don’t know what attraction the Jaguars would hold for the community watching the end of the David Garrard / Jack Del Rio era this year. I am hoping the community responds well to their team but it is a very real concern.

Contract signings become tough. Would Marcedes Lewis sign a new contract with this team if New England came looking? Would free agents want to play for the Jaguars? Seriously, good players want money and a Championship. If they can’t have a Championship, they want even more money. Gene won’t go for this. We will be facing a tough situation for talent.

Here is the bottom line. We have to keep showing up at the games. The bottom line is attendance. Showing up and booing is better than empty seats and silence. Change must come to the Jaguars and I think we need to show up and demand the change. I think as fans, we must own this team and ensure it gets better. We must create an atmosphere where good players want to play and a Championship is demanded.  How bad can it get for the Jaguars? Only as bad as we the fans let it get. We must be the strength of the Jaguars.

– Terry O’Brien