Quick recap of the Jaguar vs. Philadelphia Game


As bad as it could get is as bad as it is now for the Jacksonville Jaguars. As we said earlier, nobody is home in the defensive secondary. There is not a good set of receiving options for David and the run game went south on us.

The Jaguars were actually in the game with 4:00 left in the second quarter. The score 7 – 3 Eagles, the Jaguars holding the ball. David scrambles and a block was deemed too aggressive. No one in the stadium knew why. Jack went nuts. Then, just like Denver did, the Eagles march the field in 2:00 and scored. We thought Vick was going down and I guess Rashean Mathis did too. He stopped covering. Vick hit his receiver on a rope.

At half I turned to the guy next to me and said I wonder why the Eagles are not attacking our secondary? I guess they wondered that as well. When they came out, it was laughable. Vick did more in the third quarter than the Jaguars did all game.

David Garrard was so bad in this game. His deep throws fluttered like wounded ducks. Compared to Michael Vick, no comparison. Michael Vick is a fantastic quarterback. David threw to guys that had three Eagles on him. Someone must have been open somewhere because where David threw, there was a lot of coverage. I don’t know what he finished but a 30 something rating makes you wish Todd Bauman had come in. Ughhhh. The team was booed and they deserved it.

I don’t want to say anything too negative right now as the defeat is too fresh, but there is one question I have. Who is preparing this team to play? Joe Cullen is the only coach who brings his guys out to fight. I swear I saw the team quit except  for the defensive line. I am not saying Maurice quit, but you could see the resignation across the board.

Keep a positive attitude. Look at the mistakes, work from there. Get ready for the next opponent. That is what you will hear. What you won’t hear is Wayne wondering “What do I have to do now?” He will keep that to himself for now. I do hope we hear from him soon.

I will look over the pictures and bring more and the other writers will give you more details. I just don’t know how the Jaguars will dig out of this.

– Terry O’Brien