Five on the Rise: Emerging Offensive Weapons in 2010

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Kassim Osgood

  • Role in 2009: Kassim has been a Pro-Bowl level Special Teams “Gunner” with the Chargers for the past six seasons and used extremely rarely as a Wide Receiver.
  • Potential Role in 2010: Despite being used exclusively as a Special Teamer for the past few years, I believe Osgood has the desire and physical tools to turn into a reliable possession receiver for the Jags this season, as I detailed in this article.
  • Possible Obstacles: Like Karim, Osgood was brought to Jacksonville for his Special Teams ability. Currently, his value to the team is measured more by contributions in this role than as a receiver. He will never be a graceful receiver, but Kassim is built like Matt Jones with a mean streak and is dying for the opportunity to prove he can be a contributor.
  • Odds of Fulfilling this Role:  30% – Naysayers will undoubtedly point to his lack of receiving production in the past, but just wait until the Jags need a big receiver out wide because Defense’s are keyed in on Mike Sims-Walker and Marcedes Lewis. Kassim will be making some big 3rd down catches this year.

How about it, can the Jaguars Offense EXPLODE this year? Who do you see as the next diamond in the rough?

-Andrew Hofheimer