Five on the Rise: Emerging Offensive Weapons in 2010

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Rashad Jennings

  • Role in 2009: Rashad’s playing time in 2009 came almost entirely in relief , giving Maurice Jones-Drew a chance to get a breather or while defending a 4th quarter lead in an effort to preserve our workhorse. He had an eye-opening 28 yard TD run against the Chiefs in Week 10 and caught at least one pass in the last six games of the season.
  • Potential Role in 2010: Jennings has shown enough development since his rookie year to become a true #2 RB behind MJD, rather than just a fill-in. He has been praised this offseason for his improvement in pass-protection and receiving out of the backfield. Rashad has prototypical NFL size and with some minor work on his fundamentals (pad level, knee bend), he can play to the full potential of his size.
  • Possible Obstacles: The number one obstacle to Jennings’ development is Maurice Jones-Drew. Pure and simple. He is the identity of the Jaguars and his proficiency in rushing, passing, and pass-protection makes him dangerous in every situation. However, having talented RB’s behind Mojo can only help the Jags increase his longevity and effectiveness, by allowing him to take plays off without seeing the Offense suffer.
  • Odds of Fulfilling this Role:  40% – The Jags will no doubt want to take some of the load of MJD’s shoulders and Jennings is starting to show promise. Vic Ketchman has professed with great enthusiasm that he will become heavily involved in the passing game and it’s my belief with some technique improvements and greater physicality, Jennings can become a punishing force for wearing down opponents late in the game.