Five on the Rise: Emerging Offensive Weapons in 2010

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The Jaguars have the potential to be EXPLOSIVE in 2010. In what’s supposed to be another year of tempered expectations, weapons are emerging that could turn the Jags’ Offense into a game-planning nightmare for opposing coordinators. Our Defense will have to make major strides if we want to entertain the idea of a playoff run, but I believe this Offense has the pieces in place to catch fire in the latter half of the season, as it did in 2007. As young guys get more experience to build on, we could really be in for some excitement.  Here are five players who I believe have the greatest potential to really step up this year.

Mike Thomas

  • Role in 2009: Mike’s role in 2009 was essentially a playmaker. Not necessarily a big-play kinda guy, but a play-when-we-needed-one kinda guy. He returned kicks, returned punts, made some tough 3rd down catches, and was used as a “gadget” type player by Dirk Koetter for end-arounds, screens, and other plays to keep Defenses on their toes.
  • Potential Role in 2010: Thomas is currently the leading candidate to be the Jag’s flanker or “Z”. He doesn’t have the size or ability to beat the jam as well as Mike Sims-Walker, but does have the speed and agility to be an effective #2. With good hands, run-after-the-catch ability, and most importantly, a solid rapport with QB David Garrard, Mike Thomas is poised to be a big producer this year.
  • Possible Obstacles: He’s certainly smaller than the average outside receiver and at this point is not a proven jump-ball receiver and more of a catch-in-stride, run-after-the-catch receiver. Despite his small stature, Mike is as tough as they come and once the ball is in his hands, he becomes an instant threat.
  • Odds of Fulfilling this Role:  85%  –  The #2 spot is his to lose at this point and Garrard has been looking for him early and often this preseason.