What if this becomes true about the Jacksonville Jaguars


In the NFL, every season is a new season, every team is a new team. I remember a few years ago New Orleans made a run at the playoffs and then disappeared for a couple of years, then emerged as Super Bowl Champions. Tampa Bay was always a strong team, not any more. Detroit can’t win a game, but look out playing them this year.

Something is always different, something will surprise you for the good or the bad. So here are five things that may come true for the Jaguars and a what if scenario. You are welcome to play along. What if …..

The Jaguar receiving corp becomes really good?   What if Mike Sims-Walker is a real number one and Mike Thomas and Jarret Dillard become real threats? Marcedes can catch and is a top receiving threat as well. What if?  Well, teams couldn’t key in on Maurice Jones Drew. Suddenly linebackers can’t tell if the play is a running play or a play action. Maurice gets more room to run and breaks off larger runs. Key on Maurice and a receiver is open. We saw that against Miami, MSW across the middle. We saw it against Philly, Troy Williamson deep. Suddenly the offense opens up in wild and crazy ways. No more sitting at the games, we will be on our feet. Football parties on the weekend will be mandatory.

Brad Meester is really too old and can’t block?   The fastest way to the quarterback is a straight line. Now the guards have to close in to double team. Someone rushing is open on the end. Blitzes work better. David gets hit over and over. We struggle to hold on to the ball and turnovers in the red zone are common. We have seen this happen in 2008 and 2009. It wasn’t all Brad’s fault and he may be healthy, but behind Brad Meester is no one. The center position for the Jaguars is a risk area.

Kirk Morrison and Joe Cullen ignite the defense?  What if Aaron Kampman is causing trouble on the end and Tyson Alualu gets good and Daryl Smith and Kirk Morrison are covering the run and tight ends over the middle and Rashean Mathis has a good year? Well, now we need a nickname for our defense. All exciting defenses have a name, what would be ours? We have a problem, teal isn’t a scary color. The Teal Curtain? Nope. The Teal People Eaters? Nope. The Teal Terror? Maybe. I just know it would be fun at the stadium to root for the defense again. I hope this happens.

Tyson Alualu isn’t that good?   First round draft choices don’t always work out. What if Tyson doesn’t work out. Then runs up the middle become possible. Then third and three becomes hard to stop. The offensive line can double team other guys. We saw a little of this in the Miami game. Jonathan at Big Cat Country wrote “Joe Cullin has more work to do” and he is right. We have bet big on Tyson letting John Henderson walk. There is a risk here.

Eben Britton develops as good as Eugene Monroe?   I can’t even imagine this.  If  Eben Britton becomes the beast on the right equal to Eugene, the beast on the left, you will need three rescue squads to haul defensive players off the field. Run blocking to the right becomes almost too much to watch. Eben is a powerful man and if he gets his technique and knowledge squared away look out. Suddenly third and five become makeable putts. Suddenly David can throw on first down knowing he can make yards running. This single thing would be worth a playoff spot to the Jaguars if it comes true. A solid strong right tackle who can protect and run block to the Jaguars would have delivered a victory against Miami last year and possibly a playoff spot. I want this to happen most of all.

Your turn. What do you see that can turn this season one way or another? Head to the comments section and write your own What if…. We all want to hear from you.

– Terry O’Brien