Jacksonville Jaguars vs. Miami – Offensive Line play

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The game was delayed because the lightning would not let up. The Jaguar organization didn’t want the crowd sitting in the open during a lightning storm.

Wayne Weaver came through the crowd and shook hands. The Jaguar staff passed out as many lawn chairs as they could. The D-Line played for entertainment. Then finally the announcement came that the game would start and a loud cheer went up.

I am glad they played. I focused on the offensive and defensive lines tonight to see how they were progressing.  I am happy to report I thought the first team on both sides are coming along quite well. I am not expecting perfection at this point, just a good start to build from. Let’s take a look at the offensvie line play. I will get the defensive line up later. You can click on any picture to pull it up larger.

The Offensive Line.   

In 2008, Miami came in here and just man-handled our line. In 2009 they did the same. That didn’t happen this year. The offensive line stood up well. There was no defeat this year. That is a good sign.

That is Eugene Monroe(LT), Kynan Forney(LG), Brad Meester(C), Uche Nwaneri(RG), and Jordan Black(RT).

Right away, this tells me that Vince Manuwai and Justin Smiley are not healthy enough for the first team. Eben Britton hasn’t seen the field in three weeks as well. The good news is this crew did all right.

David had at least 3 seconds to make a drop, read, plant and throw. That isn’t perfect but it is a heck of a lot better than he got last year. I don’t know if it was play calling or bad Miami execution, but David had a lot to see. Look at this play and what David saw.