Miami is Coming: It’s Clobberin Time


After the Jaguars offense and defense laid an egg in their first public appearance, it is redemption time and no better team for that than Miami. In 2008, Big Bill brought his new Dolphins into Jacksonville and proceeded to kick the hell out of our offensive line. Forget the injuries on opening day, that line stunk before then and Miami proved it. Big Bill doesn’t play nice, never has.

The preseason game with the Dolphins is always a physical event, always. These guys come to hit and they are more afraid of who is behind them than who is in front of them.  If the Jaguars want redemption, then it better be clobberin time on Saturday.

Here is an example from our regular season game last year as to how physical the Dolphins are and how unready we were to challenge them.

If this season is to be any better, this situation must change. The lines were the focus of Gene Smith’s draft in the last two years. That investment has to pay off before the Jaguars can move back to winning ways.

I contacted our good friend Brian Miller from PhinPhanatic about what the Dolphins might be looking to do this weekend. I also asked Zoltan to dig in and write another great article to get us ready. Here is what Brian said the Dolphins fans will be watching for;

"The Dolphins offensive line against the Jags D line. Miami struggled at times last week and the phins are still working out different players at different positions. So it will be interesting to see how they handle a physical defensive front."

Sounds like Clobberin’ time to me. If our defensive line is anything this year, time to start knocking people around.

"Stopping the run. The jags have one of the best in the league in MJD and stopping him will be priority one. With Miami having young LBs can they keep him in check."

Sounds like a Clobberin’ opportunity to me. If our offensive line has anything, they need to push people around as well. I know Eugene Monroe can clobber, but where are the rest of them?

"Containing Garrard. The Dolphins seemed to struggle at times last year keeping the QB from breaking out of the pocket. By allowing the Jags QBs to get out of the pocket and up field the Phins will put too much pressure on their young defense."

David could certainly use a good game. Maybe David should do some Clobberin’. In fact, maybe David should light the place up.

So here is my rant for the weekend:

"Are the Jaguars a serious hard nosed football team or did all that leave with John Henderson? Is Jack Del Rio a real hard nosed coach or just a girl in a skirt? Are we going to see some real football being played or are we not going to risk the injury? I am so sick of the Jaguars being on the wrong end of a beating…. IT IS CLOBBERIN’ TIME   -= Terry O’Brien"