The View from Hungary – Zoltan gives his State of the Jaguar Nation

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CONCERN: Pot Roast’s weight:

We knew he had issues; but Terrance Knighton showed up at 350 pounds to the start of training camp. That is scary; but at least he (unlike Mr. 100 million $ Albert Haynesworth) could practice with it. Is his health in danger? It is 104 degrees during with practice.  He is now according to Paul Kuharsky down to 346 lbs, and Jack Del Rio said the coaching staff is doing everything they can to move his weight back to 335. Knighton is a key contributor. Now with D’ Anthony Smith being injured and will be out for who knows how long, DT depth is even more fragile than it was before camp. Terrance must return to his ’09 shape; because he will be needed next to Tyson.

So; these are my takes of the recent couple of days. Feel free to debate any points; I’m really interested what your point of view is.

Zoltan Paksa