Previewing the ‘10 opponents- San Diego

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And I said this because just like Jaguars secondary; the Chargers backfield has major issues.

Quentin Jammar is a decent corner; just as is Eric Weddle at free safety. But what about the other 2 positions? The other corner position will be decided in training camp. Antoine Cason a 1stround pick not so long ago is on the hot seat. But his challengers are Donald Strickland and Nathan Vasher. Kevin Ellison is the strong safety; but he had some clash with the law recently; so he may face suspension. So rookie Darrell Stuckey can find himself easily in the starting lineup if Ellison is on probation. I think Dirk Koetter can lick his chops against that defense and secondary. I think if the Jaguars offense shows up in this game, they might score enough points to create an upset.

There are some X-factors for this game:

 Nr. 1: Shawn Merriman vs Maurice Jones Drew:I think this will be the match up of this game. Back in 2007 Maurice made a pancake block on Merriman that was repeated ever since. I’m 100% sure Merriman wants revenge for that. If he is healthy he will try to take out MJD from this game. He might lose again.

Nr. 2: West Coast trip: Two results Jaguars fans are wish to forget last year was 6-20 against the 49ers; and 0-41 against the otherwise often awful Seahawks. Both games were played in the West Coast. Now I hope Maurice Drew; and the growing number of Jaguars players who played in college/was born and raised in California (just from San Diego State there are 4 players are on the current roster: Russell Allen; Kirk Morrison; Kassim Osgood; and Freddie Keiaho) will show that last year was just a fluke. Even if they don’t win this game- I want to see a fight to the finish. If the Jags lose 30-24 I’m okay with that; because that shows the Jags were close.

Nr. 3: San Diego (just like the Jaguars) starts slowly. There is another similarity; San Diego is very tough if you play against them in December. In fact they haven’t won their home opener since 2007!  San Diego is not so difficult if you play with them in September!They started 0-2 in 2008 (in tough and close battles against Carolina; and Denver). And last year they started 1-1; beating the not to strong Raiders; and lost to Baltimore at home. And they have only 6 days to prepare against the Jaguars; because they face the Kansas City Chiefs on Monday Night on Opening Day. Hmmmmm; sounds like the Jaguars might make a case for themselves, IF they are coming fully prepared.

So these are my points about the Chargers. The have a very good offense; a Top 5 QB; and our boys must travel across to country to play against them. Sure the Chargers defense (and other issues I mentioned) can be an advantage for the Jaguars; but let’s stay realistic here. I expect a loss from this game. But if the Jaguars shows up to play; and almost win a very hard fought battle; then I’ll say; I will not be so sad (and mad); then I was against Seattle and San Francisco last year.

Zoltan Paksa