Our new friend- Kim from the the Denver site Predominately Orange

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Why will Denver win the opening game? What odds do you put on it?

"The Denver defense will win the game. It’s hard for offenses to get going early on in the season. Turnovers are rampant, balls are dropped and mishandled, and there are misreads. Denver’s defense is better than Jacksonville’s. It will be a close game, but Broncos by 10."

If Denver wins this game, it will be because of the defense. They are better than us on defense folks. They will disrupt the plays. They will be hard to figure out.  This is where I put my faith in Jack Del Rio. Jack knows all of the defensive tricks of a 3-4. Jack lived this, he knows. If any game can be decided by coaching, this is it. Kim is right, Denver will make us pay for mistakes. I hope we are ready.

I love the fact that Kim stopped by. We will be in touch with her again just before game time.  It is coming guys and gals, the season is getting close. Denver is our first opponent and we better be ready. BlackandTeal will be ready. Thanks Kim, we love you over here.

– Terry O’Brien