The Jags first opponent – Playing Offense against the Denver Broncos

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So how will it go?  If you can run on Denver, you can win. Denver knows the threat of the Jaguars is running. The Jaguars know the weakness of Denver is stopping the run. Sounds like a real head knocking game.

I actually have faith the Jaguars can run the ball when they want to. This will bring Brian Dawkins in close and open up the middle for Marcedes, MSW or Dillard. I think the Jaguars can take advantage of this. The two tight end sets will favor Zack Miller. He may be the secret weapon.

But as I warned, be prepared for run-stuffing plays and sacks. That is Denvers game and they play it well. David will go down and too often if he isn’t quick about it. This is a great first test for David Garrard.

Right now, I think the Jaguars can hang 24 points on Denver offensively.

In a future article we will look at how to stop Denver’s offense.

–  Terry O’Brien &  Zoltan Paksa