“The Five” the Jaguars can’t lose.

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    5.      Terrance Knighton

Yeah; another ’09 draft pick. I think with the cut of John Henderson (Mr. Gene Smith; you should have accepted that 5thround offer from the Raiders for him…) and Montavious Stanley; the Jaguars have no real 0 technique (run stopper) DT left. Knighton must play for 16 games because Attiyah Ellison is not on the same level as he is and the rookie DT duo of Tyson Alualu; and D’Anthony Smith are more of 3 technique (rusher) tackles. Mix Knighton and Alualu coached by Joe Cullen) and you’ll be -at least- fine. Mix Alualu with Ellison or D’Anthony Smith; I’m not so sure about that…