“The Five” the Jaguars can’t lose.

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I think we can all agree that the Jaguars face a very critical and important season this year. To reach their goals (being in the playoff hunt all season long) they need many things for example trying to avoid and limit the injuries. Last year; especially after 75% of the season, the Jaguars were a pretty healthy team. Thet lost only one starter (Sadly the best pass rusher of team in Reggie Hayward on week 1); but also lost players like Scott Starks, Jarrett Dillard, and Troy Williamson. One player was constantly on the injured list, the best DB of the team; Rashean Mathis. In the NFL, we can agree that the Jaguars were on the lucky side with injuries in ’09. For this season the Jaguars have a player already on IR (LB Bryan Smith).

For the team to have a good chance in this really tough schedule they must stay healthy. I will give you 5 names who must play all 16 games in this season! So here is the list:  (All photos are from Yardbarker)

       1.   Maurice Jones Drew:

It is so obvious. He is the franchise player of this team; the most important and most effective weapon in the Jaguars arsenal. Losing him I think would most likely mean the season is over. Everyone knows that Rashad Jennings and Deji Karim can only be on the field to give MJD a little rest-not to mention that I think none of them could deliver the good blocks that Maurice made often. We saw in the last 6 games what happens if Maurice is not 100% healthy. When he is on the field, every defensive coordinator and defensive player must be prepared because he can make a 80 yard play anytime!