Random Thoughts


To me, all of the intriguing factors about the Jaguars exist on the defensive line.  I am so very curious about Derrick Harvey and what he will bring this year.  Tyson Alualu seems to have huge talent and a great smile to go with it. He will be fun.  Then, of course, there is Joe Cullen.  What a great start he is off to in his personal resurrection project. Focus on work, be humble, get results.

Everything interesting is on the defensive line and then let me throw in  Kirk Morrison. The combination of Harvey, Alualu and Morrison sounds like a powerhouse combination.  Here is how powerful they seem, I haven’t mentioned Aaron Kampman yet.  When he starts making noise, my head spins with the possibility. I am very curious to see this group in action.

The group that will not be happy with all of this will be the offensive line. They stand a chance of being totally embarrassed. I LOVE THAT!  I hope the D-Line rips the hell out of them until they can’t get out of bed. Get up, get to work, get your head handed to you. Keep doing it until you learn. If the offensive line can keep this defensive line honest, what have we done? We have bred a playoff caliber team, that’s what. 

Last year, a weak line pushed against a weak line. When the real NFL guys showed up on Sunday, we got beat. Steel sharpens steel. Let the D-Line kick as hard as they can. It will only make it better during the season.

As for fights during OTA’s, it seems only guys who have a slim chance to make the team engage it in. They have a lot to prove and are fighting hard to do it. If a no-name tries to make a name by belting a big name, look out. The only effective thing I saw was Kynan Forney toss Tyson Alualu to the ground. It was clean and fair, but showed tenacity. If the no-names want to make a name, show tenacity, not fighting. Fighting is after the fact and useless.

When I read about other AFC South teams, I read about issues and problems. I am not encouraged by that. This is the time of year to air all of that out. Get things on the table and dealt with. It is when training camp opens that real issues hang out there. If Freeney and Mathis have issues during training camp, then I will be encouraged. If Rashean Mathis holds out from training camp, then I will be worried.

I see a lot of rookies saying they don’t want to hold out. Rolando McClain was the latest. Tyson Alualu said it. Tim Tebow can’t stay off the field. Let’s see if the agents muck this great attitude up.  I like this draft class as much for attitude as talent. 2008 was not great but 2010 looks like a year of new and great talent for the NFL.

By my count, and a Tony Boselli email, there are about 4,500 season tickets left. When there are about 3,000 left, the “better get mine now” feeling starts. A lot of people I talked to say they have them. The 30/30 deal did it for the Jaguars. I am sensing a strong season all around.

What is the big risk this year? Injuries. If David Garrard goes down, it will be a rebuilding year again. I know a lot of people think he should go, but I think he is still the best guy for the job right now. Stay healthy David!

So what do you see? Join in the discussion!

– Terry O’Brien