Previewing the Jaguars ’10 roster – The Tight Ends (Part II)

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I have two concerns. One is the durability of Zach Miller. A young player who constantly battles with injury is a concern. I hope he will show up 100% healthy for the second part of OTAs and for training camp. The Jaguars need his talent.

The other concern is depth. If something happens with Marcedes that would be almost as big a blow as if this team would lose MJD; Knighton and Garrard (The 3 most important players of the team cannot lose!). The same goes a bit for Zach Miller; although his loss would be only on the passing game; while Marcedes’s key blocks would make the life much tougher for the running game and the QB protection as well. Wilford and Potter are guys; who can come in and contribute for 1-2 games; but not in a long term.

But to end my article in a very positive tone; if Miller and Lewis stays healthy and continue where they left in ’09; and Koetter and Boras can bring both players to the next level; and get really involve with the passing game; I think the TEs might represent an almost as effective threat as the running game lead by Maurice Drew. In fact if there is one position I’m really looking for to see this season would be not the running backs; but the tight ends. Keep your eyes on the Jaguars tight ends in ‘10

Zoltan Paksa