Previewing the Jaguars ’10 Roster – The Tight Ends (Part I)

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When he was let go (why did they break up with a coach of Boras’a caliber???) by the Bears; his long time player Desmond Clark expressed his sadness about the decesion; and his views about his former coach:

"Rob Boras is a great coach, and I’ll be interested to see why they let him go"

Clark lost his place in the starting lineup to Greg Olsen before the ’09 season and despite that he defended Rob.

"“I think I just owe it to him to let people know what type of coach he was,” Clark said. “He never stepped out in the media and said anything. He wasn’t a self promoter. He was a quiet guy who came in early in the morning and got his work done and left late at night. This is how much respect I had for the guy: When they said I wasn’t the starter anymore, and I didn’t have a chance to fight for my position, you didn’t hear me say a negative word about it. Although I may not have agreed with it and thought I should have had a chance to fight for my position, I didn’t say anything because I didn’t think my coach deserved to have to go through what would come with everything because of what I might feel or what I might say. So out of respect for him is one of the main reasons I didn’t say a lot about not being able to fight for my position. Saying that, I still understand why they made Greg the starting tight end, because he is a great tight end. That’s the kind of respect I have for the guy.”"

These words came from a player who was moved back in the depth chart. I think that shows us about Rob Boras not just can teach and have really good results; but he is also a classy guys as well. So if he has the talent he can work with; he can archive great things.

Have I told you enough to get you excited? I am! But there is more! Tomorrow we will see how the Jaguars looking talent wise in the position.